AP® English Literature & Composition | 2020-21

In AP English Literature and Composition, sophomores to seniors (15+) will explore the craftsmanship and significance of remarkable literature that has endured through the ages. From Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities to Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, you will reflect on themes that resonate today just as they did in past decades and centuries.


Digging Deeper 

Drawing on your highly regarded--and highly readable--Perrine's text, you'll refresh and reinforce the meaning and application of foundational literary elements that contribute to "meaning" in literature. You'll advance beyond the stage of merely identifying devices. In AP Literature, you will move from summary into analysis, as you assert and support how writers harness tools to reveal universal insights.


Taking Your Writing to the Next Level

You've read a lot, and you have a firm foundation in the mechanics of writing. With a solid grounding in high school-level writing instruction and practice under your belt, you're quite comfortable with the conventions of the five-paragraph essay and have a clear understanding of its component parts. That will be the starting point--but you'll quickly break free from those confines. You'll be crafting your writing based upon ideas and arguments rather than mechanical, pre-set conventions--just as you should expect to do in college.


Composition instruction, pre-writing, detailed instructor feedback, and post-essay editing will help you hone your writing skills. You have mastered grammar—with maybe just a tiny bit of reminding needed—so you'll work on nuances in grammar patterns and sentence structures, helping you improve on skillfulness and elegance in your compositions. MLA principles will be applied from day one, so you'll soon become a pro at MLA formatting, parenthetical citation, and works cited construction.  


Active Collaboration with Your Classmates

In Blue Tent Online English classes, you'll converse in a text-based (asynchronous) manner with home-schooled students from across the country--and perhaps around the world--engaging in active, weekly discussion forums in your Moodle classroom. Leading and joining in on course-related conversations is a core component of Blue Tent classes. A Socratic approach to sharing your ideas and your writing offers you the opportunity to assert and defend your views. It also gives you the opportunity to reflect on other viewpoints and consider alternate writing strategies through class modeling. In your Moodle classroom, discussion forums are a safe place to stretch and explore as you and your classmates build a friendly foundation of mutual respect and acknowledge each other's insights and progress in the class.

Confidence that You'll Be Ready for the AP Exam

Most students take the AP Lit exam in May--although it's not a requirement for this class if you decide to opt out. Assignments that will help you prepare for the AP exam are interwoven throughout the year in a constructive and meaningful way. You and your classmates will be writing essays that come directly from AP exam prompts from day one, and in the second semester you will begin practicing timed writing. While close reading and multiple choice strategies will be practiced throughout the year, six weeks before the AP exam you will practice taking partial--and then full-- exams that come from past exams released by the College Board. There will be ample opportunity for you to zoom in on the areas of greatest need or benefit, and this review process will prepare you to take on the AP Lit exam with calm confidence.

"There Is No Frigate Like a Book"

While the AP exam is an important part of the year, as Emily Dickinson's poem maintains, "there is no frigate like a book." Join AP Lit for the journey. Embark with a group of students who will become your friends, and deepen your insights as you share a mutual interest and enthusiasm for literature.


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