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Your Source for a Strong Core

Math Formulas

Algebra 1 | Honors Algebra 1

Geometry | Honors Geometry

Algebra 2 | Honors Algebra 2 Precalculus | Honors Precalculus

AP Statistics | Trig Workshop

Probability & Stats Workshop

AP Calculus AB | AP Calculus BC




In our live math classes, students can attend and participate live or opt to watch the recording later. Our self-paced classes can be completed quickly or over the span of a year, and our short Trigonometry and Probability & Statistics workshops teach, refresh, or reinforce critical math skills. Whether it's a live or self-paced class, our instructors are all readily accessible via messaging, office hours, and study halls.

Blue Tent English Literature & Composition Classes

Science in Fiction

BTO Book Club | Aspiring Authors Club

Three Creative Writing Classes

Intro to Lit & Comp | Eng Lit & Comp 1

Honors English 1 | Honors English 2

AP Eng Language | AP Eng Literature

Advanced Senior English




Our core high school English classes--from Intro to Lit & Comp to Advanced Senior English--are designed for advanced students who love to read and who wish to strengthen foundational writing skills. Our three one-semester Creative Writing classes and Aspiring Authors Club offer a venue for budding novelists, and our new Science in Fiction class and BTO Book Club will develop analytical skills while they engage and delight.

Blue Tent Science Classes

General Biology | Honors Biology

Honors ChemistryAP Biology

Marine Biology & Oceanography

Anatomy & Physiology


Science in Fiction: How Science Shapes Literature & Film





Beginning with General Biology, hands-on and virtual labs are interwoven into all Blue Tent science classes. Honors Bio and Honors Chem offer a pre-AP grounding, and students can engage in advanced research and exploration in AP Biology, Marine Biology & Oceanography, and Anatomy & Physiology. Check out our cross-over class Science in Fiction that examines how science shapes literature & film.

Learn Online with BluTent

In our online classes, homeschooled students can expect active, attentive instructors as well as enjoyable collaboration with classmates from around the corner and across the globe.


                Partnering with Families

Since 2010 Blue Tent instructors have been working with students who love to learn, explore, share, and compare. We're excited to partner with families who seek robust and engaging classes. At Blue Tent, we understand homeschoolers—because we've traveled the entire journey with our own families.


Live and Text-Based
In all our math classes and most of our science classes, we meet live on ZOOM. And all live classes are recorded, giving students maximum scheduling flexibility. Most of our English classes are offered in an interactive text-based (
asynchronous) format, allowing time zones and fixed meeting times to disappear--and giving students the flexibility to weave weekly assignments and discussions into their academic schedules and extracurricular activities.

                  A Community of Friends

Whether they participate live or in an asynchronous manner, students work closely with their teachers and peers, getting to know each other well. Blue Tent students come and go daily in their online Moodle classrooms--where instruction, resources, assignments, and feedback are served up and where class conversations are active and on-going. Our text-based discussion format is a familiar approach for today's students. 

Blue Tent - Partnering with Families
Blue Tent - Live & Text-Based Classes

Moodle Classrooms


We use Moodle for our online classrooms and ZOOM for live and recorded instruction.  


Classes are password-protected. Parents and mentors can request their own log ins to view their student's gradebook. And ZOOM classes require two-step user authentication.



Our classes are a-g approved through some California charters. See our FAQ to learn more.


We Understand Homeschoolers.
Because We've Traveled the K-to-College Journey.

Blue Tent - Homeschoolers

Meet the Blue Tent


Blue Tent instructors have

personal connections

to home schooling.

And we have backgrounds and experience in the subjects we teach. We understand the needs and challenges of home schooling students and parents. Learn about us in our

bios and feedback.

Live Online Classes That Are Truly Live


Our live classes aren't just PowerPoint slides with a teacher's voice. 


Webcams stay on in our classes.


Students interact visibly and verbally. And in many classes they collaborate in

Zoom breakout rooms 


AP and NCAA Approved

Our AP courses are College Board-approved and renewed annually. Year in and year out, Blue Tent students

crush the national norms for

4's and 5's on their AP exams.

For student-athletes, our

core courses are 

approved by the NCAA.

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7228 Mt. Pleasant Rd. | Willow Spring, NC 27592

Moodle - Blue Tent
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