AP® Statistics - 2020-21

AP Statistics is equivalent to a college Intro to Statistics course. This AP course will introduce students to major concepts in collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data while preparing them for the AP exam. Upon successful completion of the AP Exam, students may have the opportunity to earn future college credit.


Flexibility and Collaboration

AP Statistics class can be taken either synchronously (live) or asynchronously (recorded). Part of the class will consist of recorded lectures and the other part will consist of live problem sessions, which will also be recorded for those who wish to watch at a different time or refer back to them.

  • Students will be provided guided notes to use while watching live or recorded lessons.

  • On Fridays from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., I will host a live problem session to review assignments and cover multiple choice and free response questions in preparation for the AP exam. 

A Weekly Schedule

A typical week will open Saturday morning and close Friday night. While students may not choose to work over the weekend (and that is perfectly fine!), this timing will allow those who wish to work ahead the opportunity to view upcoming assignments and plan their week. 

  • Weekly lectures will be available for students to view during the week. Some assigned sections from the course text might be split up into multiple shorter lecture videos to allow students to work on topics or concepts incrementally and individually. The lecture videos will follow closely with the guided notes uploaded on the Moodle website for students to print out or download. 

  • Homework assignments will be assigned weekly and will correspond to each section of the chapter we are working in.

  • Short checkpoint quizzes will be given weekly and will be due by Friday night. These are meant to test students' understanding of important definitions and concepts--or their understanding and application of important formulas for calculations.

  • Some weeks students will be asked to complete a portion of an AP practice exam, a cumulative AP practice exam, or practice problems from Barron’s AP Statistics to prepare them for tests and cumulative midterms. 

  • Tests will be given every 3 – 4 weeks, along with three cumulative midterms and a cumulative final. Each cumulative midterm will be similar in structure to the AP exam to help prepare students throughout the course. 


The Core Resources

We will be using the 4th edition of The Practice of Statistics, one of the most widely used high school statistics textbooks. It is well known for explaining concepts in a clear manner and for helping students to grasp statistical concepts. We will also use Barron’s AP Statistics, the leading test preparation book for AP Stats, which is packed full of subject review, practice multiple choice, and free response questions with explained answers. 


Additionally, we will use STATS4STEM.org for assignments and testing--a free online statistics website for students that is funded by the National Science Foundation and Amazon. This website will allow students to receive assignments in tutor mode and in paper test mode.

  • Tutor mode will give students opportunities to receive tips and hints, with each hint progressing the student closer in the right direction.

  • Paper test mode will be reserved for quizzes and tests, without the hint option.

  • This website offers real-time reports of how students are performing, both with individual and aggregate data helping me determine which topics students need more review time on.    

I hope you'll join me in this highly useful class that I know you will find relevant and interesting no matter where your interests lie in high school, college, and beyond!


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