Biology | 2020-21

This live online Biology class will provide students with a foundation in fundamental biological concepts and will introduce them to investigative scientific methods.

  • With the use of online tools and interactive resources, this course will offer a diverse array of print, digital, and live learning options.

  • There will be a live weekly meeting on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30 p.m. Eastern.

  • Two sections:

    • Section 1: Wed, 7-8:30 p.m. Eastern

    • Section 2: Recorded only (Open)

      • In the recorded-only option, students fully participate in all parts of class, interacting with their classmates and teacher on the class website, but they watch weekly instruction after live classes have been held.

  • A full-year class: August-May. See our FAQ for complete dates.


Labs and Dissections

To reinforce concepts and kindle an interest in the topics that will be studied, a variety of labs--both hands-on and virtual--will allow students to explore and apply their learning to real-world circumstances as they make observations, construct hypotheses, collect and analyze data, and formalize conclusions.​​

  • Detailed dissections will be completed virtually (with the aid of eMind software).

  • Dissecting a variety of specimens will allow students to closely examine the magnificent internal designs of different species and will contribute to the identification and understanding of each of the human body’s systems.

A Variety of Core and Supplemental Resources

Students will be using the 2020 McGraw-Hill Inspire Biology textbook, and the instructor will utilize interactive learning resources and activities that are closely paired with the text. A loaned textbook as well as the interactive package are both included in the class tuition.

  • Topics that will be thoroughly covered include cell biology, genetics, ecology, diversity, plants, invertebrates, vertebrates and human biology. 

  • The text supplements will include videos, models, infographics, and activities that will instruct, explain, and reinforce scientific phenomena and help students explore and solve scientific problems.

Collaborate and Enjoy!

In their online Moodle classroom, students will interact and collaborate with their instructor and peers every week. Blue Tent Biology is designed to be a class where homeschoolers will enjoy sharing, comparing, and learning with class friends.


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