AP® Calculus AB - 2020-21

AP. Calculus AB is equivalent to a first-semester college calculus course and--depending on the university--can fulfill degree requirements. The material covered in this year-long course will offer a firm foundation for the intellectual demands of future college-level math courses. It will be taught live and at a pace and manner that works best for each student.


Flexibility and Collaboration

This AP Calculus AB class can be taken either synchronously (live) or asynchronously (view recorded lessons) or a combination of the two. We will meet twice a week--for one-hour of instruction on Mondays and again on Fridays for an hour-long problem session.


All live meetings will be recorded, so if you wish to take part or all of the class asynchronously, it is an option available to you. Office hours will also be available and encouraged to help students with individual issues that arise during any given week. In addition to offering one-on-one assistance, office hours will help keep the lectures and problem sessions focused, productive, and timely in their duration.


From my own experience in high school and college, calculus can be a difficult subject to master by simply reading instructions in a text. I believe seeing example problems solved and asking questions play a vital role in the learning process--and this is where the Friday problem sessions and class conversation will be highly valuable.

  • Prior to each Monday lecture, students will have access to guided notes that outline the topics and problems that will be covered. They can view those notes online, access and interact with them on a tablet, or print them out and take notes on them as as they follow along with the instruction. 

  • During the Friday problem sessions, we will work our way, step by step, through problems that are similar to those in the week's assignment.​

  • While questions will be welcome at any point, the second meeting during each week is designed to be more interactive than the instructional class on Monday, with much more time for students to participate--asking and answering questions. Unresolved issues raised in the weekly discussion forums in the Blue Tent classroom can also be addressed in our live Friday meetings.

Weekly Schedule

At the beginning of every week, I will post a summary of the concepts covered in that week--along with links to helpful websites and videos that specifically relate to the current week's topics. I will also post the weekly assignments in a manner and pace that students can expect and rely on week-in and week-out, and those assignments will be due before class on Friday.


  • Assigned problem sets will help students work toward mastery of the material, with quizzes then helping to evaluate progress.

  • Students will see interwoven problems from past AP tests throughout the year to help them become steadily familiar with the format of the exam.

  • Live instruction and problem-solving sessions will be held on Mondays and Fridays from 2:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern.

  • All classes will be recorded for those who wish to view the Monday and/or Friday meetings asynchronously.

  • This course has an expected time commitment of 8-10 hours per week.


Students will have the opportunity to interact with each other not only during live sessions, but also in discussion forums in their online Moodle "classroom." In class forums, students can ask questions about the lecture, textbook sections, or homework. They can respond to other students’ questions and post solutions to problems. I will be available on the forums as well, and I will make sure we work through the most challenging and important problems raised during the week in the live Friday problem sessions. 


The Core Resources

The textbook we will be using, the 1st edition of Calculus for AP ebook by Ron Larson and Paul Battaglia, is an excellent AP Calculus textbook that is designed specifically for the AP curriculum framework and exam, providing relevant AP-style problems incrementally in each chapter. Larson texts are uniformly well regarded for their clear organization and explanations.


  • The Enhanced WebAssign ebook has additional features, such as Read It links, Master It Tutorials, and a Personal Study Plan. These will help students gauge their mastery of the material and generate individualized study plans that include online, interactive multimedia resources. 

  • The interactive ebook is recommended to students, since there are interactive links within it that offer additional tutorial instruction that can be called on where needed.

  • The Blue Tent OnLoan program offers students access to a free, borrowed hard-copy textbook for the year--so students can utilize both their interactive ebook along with a hard copy text.

  • We will also be using various online applications, such as a graphing calculator app and GeoGebra, which will help students visualize math concepts.

My goal is to provide a variety of tools and resources that are helpful to each student and to be an accessible partner--so that every student develops a firm foundation in Calculus and excels on the AP exam. I hope you'll join me in this pursuit!


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