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At Blue Tent, we scrutinize textbook costs just like you do. We really do. We've been in your shoes, and we well remember surfing the web and scouring our local homeschooling consignment stores for economical books.


When Blue Tent instructors choose textbooks for our classes, we try to find books that will work well in both content and cost. We never want to cut corners on content, so this year we are offering a new program that is designed to help families evaluate our math and science classes based on the course description rather than factoring in textbook costs and availability as one of the determiners. 


We have assembled class sets of all Blue Tent math and science textbooks, and we will provide a FREE LOANER to any registered student who wants to borrow a class textbook for the year.

A Print Plus eBook Approach

Most of our math and science classes utilize online resources--including interactive eBooks--with print copies listed as "optional."

  • We like eBooks in our math and science classes because most of them have interactive features embedded within them that offer students links to additional resources and instruction. But we know that eBooks are not always the ONLY way that students want to access information. Even if an eBook is the primary resource, a hard copy is often still desirable.

  • The Blue Tent OnLoan program makes a combined eBook AND printed text an easy option, since the hard-copy text is freely available on loan.


What's the Cost?

The only cost to borrow a text is the cost to ship it. And we ship textbooks in the most economical way possible--by media mail--unless we are getting close to the start of classes and speed is a priority.

Return It or Keep It

After you register for a class, we'll ship a new or gently used (highlight-free/writing-free) textbook to you during the summer, and you can keep it for the school year. 


We just ask you not to highlight or write in Blue Tent OnLoan books so we can put them back on our shelf to loan out the next year to other students. If you decide you'd like to write in a borrowed  book or own it, you can keep it, and we'll let you know the purchase price. Otherwise you can just return it to us in a gently used condition at the end of the school year.

How It Works

To check out your math or science textbook for the school year, send an email to with:

  • the registered student's name

  • the class name 

  • your mailing address

You'll receive an email back confirming your request, and then we'll let you know when your textbook ships. 


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