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AP english class online for homeschool

AP English Literature
The Fine Print

Course Goals

  • To read works from a variety of genres, including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and essays

  • To study literature written from 1600 to the present, primarily by British and American writers and poets

  • To briefly examine the biographical background of writers as well as historical context

  • To critically analyze imaginative literature through close reading 

  • To discover how writers reveal meaning through a broad array of literary tools and techniques, including diction, imagery, syntax, and figurative language 

  • To write literary analysis essays that focus on meaning in a central argument, supported by apt and sufficient evidence from the original text

  • To engage in pre-writing thesis development, crafting meaning-focused thesis statements with precision and originality

  • To move beyond competence in writing, striving for complexity and elegance

  • To refine writing skillfulness through a process of pre-writing, essay development, and revisions in response to detailed instructor feedback

  • To correctly and consistently apply MLA 9 conventions

  • To improve original critical thinking through active weekly discussion forum dialogue with classmates

  • To gain a richer appreciation and enjoyment from all genres of literature

Course Resources

Core Texts:



No Summer Reading/Writing Assignment

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