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This self-paced online English Literature & Composition 1 class is designed for homeschoolers in the 9th grade and up who are seeking a comprehensive English class--one that will acquaint them with the art of examining literature analytically, will help them write more skillfully and read more introspectively, and will offer instruction and practice to hammer down grammar and punctuation skills.

  • As they read whole novels and plays, such as Lord of the Flies and A Raisin in the Sun, students will scrutinize the ways writers use literary strategies to deliver universal messages.

  • A variety of short stories will help students learn the value of annotation to dive more deeply into the literal and figurative toolboxes of renown writers.

  • Through essay writing closely tied to class reading, students will develop the literary language and composition skills necessary to make and support arguments.

Class Details

  • English Lit & Comp 1 is self paced.

  • Tuition: $650

  • Instructor: Christine Proctor

  • Dates:

    • Set up in a weekly, 9-month framework | Pacing is up to the student

    • Available any time after August 1, and must be completed within 11 months of start

  • Self-Paced Format:

    • Instruction is delivered, assignments are completed or uploaded, and tests and quizzes are taken in an online classroom.

    • This class is teacher-graded. Some assignments are automatically graded or self-graded.

    • Christine Proctor will provide detailed feedback on essays, and she will be available for student questions daily.

  • Grade level: 9th and up​/14+ | We're pretty firm on this--thank you!

    • For age/grade guidelines, prerequisites, and class-fit recommendations for all classes, please see our FAQ.

  • A comparison of this class and Honors English Lit & Comp 1 can be seen HERE.

  • Course materials are listed HERE.


Honing Writing

Writing assignments in this class are designed to offer practice composing and editing paragraphs that apply sound grammar and punctuation, that weave in a variety of sentence structures and word choices, that utilize topic sentences and closing sentences in body paragraphs, and that smoothly integrate support quotes and commentary.

  • Every student will be aided and encouraged with detailed individual feedback on essays to help develop their proficiency. 

  • Writing will start with the basics and move toward the ability to confidently compose analytical essays and a research paper.

  • Short writing assignments will help students practice constructing sound thesis statements and topic sentences while learning the indents, headings, and citation style of 2021 MLA 9 formatting.

  • Students will work independently on vocabulary and grammar in exercises that will help them refresh and hone writing precision.


Learning Lit Language

From allusions to metaphors and beyond, students will learn to excavate literary devices and strategies in the fiction they read. They will become familiar with the fundamental tools writers wield, and in doing so, will become more discerning readers and writers.

  • Literary analysis exercises will include both independent reading and targeted assignments. 

  • Annotation will be taught in poems and passages.

  • Students should expect to spend 5-7 hours per week on classwork.

By the end of this foundational course, English Lit & Comp 1 students will be well equipped to rise to the challenge of future lit and comp endeavors.



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