Geometry | 2020-21

Geometry is a live online class for homeschoolers. Live classes are scheduled twice a week on ZOOM, with the first session consisting of a lecture introducing new material and the second designed to help students practice and develop proof-writing skills..

  • Geometry is offered as a regular course with an honors option.

  • Live classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. Eastern.

  • All live meetings will be recorded.

  • For CA students: this course is a-g approved if taken through some homeschool charters. See our FAQ.

Foundational Elements

A typical week will open Saturday and close Friday. While students may not wish to work over the weekend (which is perfectly fine), this schedule will allow them to plan ahead, looking over upcoming assignments and preparing for the Monday instructional meeting.

  • Each week will begin with a short video posted on Saturday that introduces a new concept. This should be watched prior to Monday's live lecture.

  • Homework sets, proof writing, and quizzes will be assigned weekly.

  • A peer forum in the online classroom will offer a venue for questions.

  • Tests will be given periodically to measure mastery of concepts.

  • Students should expect to spend 5-7 house per week on classwork.

  • The instructor will be readily available for assistance throughout each week.

Print and Digital

The class will be using a current edition of Glencoe Geometry, which features built-in study tips, concept checks, applications to real life, practice quizzes, and hands-on activities to solidify concepts.


  • An Array of Resources

    • Digital resources designed to be paired with the class text will offer supplementary videos and links to on-the-spot explanations.

    • Additional interactive applications such as GeoGebra will help students create, visualize, and investigate properties of lines, angles, circles, triangles, and other polygons, solidifying relationships between the properties of geometric figures.

    • A loaned hard-copy text will be provided free through the Blue Tent OnLoan program so that students can utilize a variety of online and print resources that work best for their preferences and learning styles.


  • Test Prep

    • SAT and SAT Subject Test (SAT 2) instruction will be interwoven into classwork.

    • The instructor will be supplementing Geometry concepts to cover topics that have not traditionally been a focus in Geometry--such as probability and statistics. These concepts are important since they are included in the most recent standardized tests.


Honors Option

Students who choose the honors option will be presented with supplementary materials that reinforce, enrich, and expand on topics covered in the class.

  • Supplementary instruction will be delivered in a variety of ways, including ZOOM meetings, recorded videos, and critical thinking assignments.

  • Those choosing the honors option should plan to spend an additional 1-2 hours per week on classwork; however, some students will find they can master the core and supplementary material more efficiently than the hourly estimates.

Collaborate. Learn. Enjoy!

Students will interact regularly with their classmates during the weekly live classes as well as in online forums in their Moodle classroom. The instructor will participate in class forums and will be readily available to answer questions throughout each week.

With live instruction, a combination of print and interactive resources, and a friendly online classroom, students will efficiently and successfully learn, apply, and enjoy Geometry!


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