Honors Geometry - 2020-21

Honors Geometry can be taken synchronously or asynchronously. We will meet twice a week, with the first class consisting of a lecture introducing new material and the second designed to help you develop your skill at writing proofs.

  • Classes will be held from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Eastern on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • All live lectures and proof & problem sessions will be recorded, so if you wish to take the entire class or any part of it asynchronously, it is an option available to you.

  • And for students in California, this course is a-g approved if taken through one of several CA homeschool charters listed on our FAQ page.

Foundational Elements

A typical week will open Saturday morning and close Friday night. While you may not wish to work over the weekend (and that is perfectly fine!), this timing will allow you to plan the week ahead as you look over the upcoming assignments and prepare for our first instructional meeting.

  • The week will begin with a short video (posted on Saturday) introducing a new concept. This should be watched prior to Tuesday’s live lecture.

  • Homework sets will be assigned weekly along with short quizzes to test your knowledge of the lecture content.

  • Proof writing will be assigned weekly to help you develop your ability to use theorems and postulates to prove a concept.

  • A peer forum will also be available in your online Moodle classroom where you can ask questions to be answered by me or by other students.

  • Tests will be given periodically to measure mastery of concepts.

An Interactive Approach

The textbook we will be using is the 1st edition of Glencoe Geometry by Cindy Boyd. This is a great Geometry book that features built in study tips and concept checks, applications to real life, practice quizzes, and hands-on activities to solidify concepts learned.

We will also use GeoGebra, a free online program or downloadable application that students will use to complete activities throughout the class.

  • This program allows students to create, visualize, and investigate properties of lines, angles, circles, triangles, and other polygons. Students can experiment with concepts learned using this program to help solidify relationships between the properties of geometric figures. 

Supplementary Learning

In addition to the foundational textbook and online application resources planned for this class, SAT and SAT Subject Test (SAT 2) instruction will be interwoven into the year to familiarize students with standardized test content and test-taking strategies. Supplementary concepts, such as probability and statistics, will be taught and practiced. These concepts--which have not traditionally been a focus in Geometry--will be important since they are making their way into the most recent versions of standardized tests.

Collaborate to Learn and Enjoy!

You will be interacting with your classmates during the live sessions as well as through a lively online forum provided through our Moodle classroom. You can post questions about the lecture, textbook sections, or homework, answer other students’ questions, or post solutions to problems. I will be available on the class forums as well and will make sure we work through the most interesting problems in our Thursday meeting.

Through live (or recorded) instruction, a variety of interactive resources, and a friendly online classroom, this course is designed to help you efficiently and successfully learn and enjoy Geometry!


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