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Geometry | Honors Geometry | Live & Self-Paced | 24-25

Blue Tent Geometry

Our live online Geometry and Honors Geometry classes for middle school and high school homeschoolers are also offered in a self-paced format.

  • Live Class: Students meet live with their instructor and classmates for 75 minutes once a week. These live sessions provide a review of topics found in the weekly lessons, additional examples offered by the instructor for practice and small-group collaboration, help with proof-writing, and plenty of time to ask questions.

  • Self-Paced Classes: Students cover the same material as the live class, but all instruction is delivered by teacher-produced videos.

  • Live and Self-Paced--Optional Live Study Halls: In addition to the live classes, the instructor will offer a weekly study hall. The study hall is available to all students, including those taking the self-paced class and can be utilized in two ways: 

    • Individual questions. Students can drop in to a Zoom study hall at any time to ask questions.

    • Homework time. They can join a Zoom study hall and work on their math homework with mics muted and videos on or off. They can then unmute to ask for immediate help when questions arise.

Class Details

  • Class Options:

    • ​Live Geometry with an Honors Option | Traditional full-year live class
    • Self-Paced Geometry with an Honors Option | Available to begin any time after June 1 and must be completed within 12 months

  • Tuition & Fees

    • Live Class Tuition: $700

    • Self-Paced Class Tuition: $400

    • Digital Resources Fee: $45 (includes the class ebook)

    • See all required class resources HERE.

  • Instructor: Ashley Porter

  • Live Class Dates: August 19 to May 11, 2025.

  • Weekly Live Classes:

    • Section 1: Wednesdays @ 1:30-2:45 p.m. Eastern 

    • Section 2: Thursdays @ 4:30-5:45 p.m. Eastern

  • Optional Live Study Hall:​ Thursdays @ 6-8:00 p.m. Eastern​​

  • Grade Level: 8th and up | Successfully completed Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1

  • Live Class Size: 15 per section

  • See our FAQ for:

    • age/grade guidelines, prerequisites, and class fit recommendations

    • a complete list of days, times, and breaks

    • a list of CA charter schools where this course is a-g approved

  • Format:

    • Students share an interactive online classroom and meet live on Zoom.

    • Students who attend live classes are expected to keep their webcams on and actively participate. 

    • Live classes will be recorded for those who miss classes or prefer to watch later.

  • Average weekly time estimate, including recorded and live instruction:

    • Geometry: 6-7 hours

    • Honors Geometry: 6-8 hours

  • All Blue Tent live math classes are NCAA approved.

Foundational Elements

Geometry and Honors Geometry include weekly teacher-recorded instructional videos in addition to the live classes. During a typical week, students might see some of the following:

  • Videos, guided notes, and practice problems that are aligned with concepts being covered each week

  • Homework sets and proof writing assigned and completed within WebAssign, providing immediate feedback

  • Regular "checkpoint quizzes" to test understanding of terms and concepts

  • Quizzes and chapter tests that assess students' mastery of topics

  • Games (similar to Kahoot and Jeopardy)--where students solve puzzles/riddles and complete fun-Geometry related assignments in live class review weeks

  • Short instructional videos demonstrating the use of geometry in the real world and application projects where students expand their understanding of the "how," "where," and "why" of geometry use in everyday life

Coursework is teacher-graded, and students receive individual weekly feedback and assistance on submitted work.

Core and Supplemental Resources

Your digital resources fee includes:

  • An ebook of McGraw-Hill's Glencoe Geometry (2018),

    • The ebook offers built-in study tips, supplementary videos, links to on-the spot explanations, concept checks, applications to real life, and hands-on activities to solidify concepts.

  • Cengage's WebAssign, which offers students instant access to homework results.

Free interactive apps such as GeoGebra and Desmos will help students create, visualize, and investigate properties of lines, angles, circles, triangles, and other polygons, solidifying relationships between the properties of geometric figures.


Honors Option

Students who choose the honors option will be presented with supplementary instruction and practice that will reinforce and expand on topics covered in the class. ​Those choosing the honors option should plan to spend an additional 1-2 hours per week on classwork; however, some students find they can master the material more efficiently than that.

With live instruction, a combination of print and interactive resources, a friendly online classroom, and weekly live study halls for additional one-on-one help, Ashley Porter strives to engage students and help them enjoy her classes as they successfully develop a foundational understanding of the topics of geometry.

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