Honors Biology - 2020-21

Honors Biology is your online entry into a foundational high school science where you will study everything from the cell to the diversity of plants and animals that exist around you. In this highly interactive asynchronous class, you will learn how our understanding of biology has developed over the ages, and you will consider its impact--both personal and societal--in the 21st century. 

Both Hands-On and Virtual Labs

A wide variety of online tools and class dialogue will guide and enhance your journey, as you and your classmates strive to connect biological concepts to relevant, real-world applications. As a student in this pre-AP Biology class, you'll tackle an array of virtual and hands-on labs. This will allow you to examine life through a different lens, emphasizing inquiry-based investigations in which you ask questions, make observations, and conduct experiments.

Dissections and Lab Reports

Some of your lab work will include hands-on dissections with the aid of virtual technology and videos. Dissecting an earthworm, a crayfish, a perch, and a frog will allow you to closely examine the magnificent internal designs of different species and learn to identify each of the body’s systems.


In all your labs, you will collect and critically analyze data, constructing hypotheses based on your findings. Then, working closely with your instructor and sharing results with your classmates, you will be taught how to write labs and investigative reports. Understanding that biology is not a static field—but one in which there is ongoing investigation and debate—you will become well informed and present your own findings and opinions on a current biology-related issue or topic in several unit projects. 

A Variety of Core and Supplemental Resources

After a thorough investigation of mainstream biology resources, your instructor has selected the 2012 edition of the Holt McDougal Biology textbook to ensure that this course will provide a firm foundation and set you up for success if you choose to move on to AP Biology or Anatomy & Physiology.

  • Topics that will be thoroughly covered include the chemistry of life, the cell, genetics, biological classifications, ecology, plant and animal life, the human body, and biotechnology.  

  • Your text will be supplemented with a wide array of highly interactive online tools that offer representations, videos, models, and activities that instruct, explain, and reinforce scientific phenomena and help you explore and solve scientific problems. 

A Foundation for More

This course will prepare you to take the Biology SAT Subject Test and a future AP Biology course if those are on the horizon. The College Board recommends the completion of a one-year high school biology course as well as an algebra course before taking the Biology Subject Tests, and in this course, we will cover all the core concepts found in both Tests E and M. Test E deals more with biological communities, populations, and energy flow, while Test M deals more with biochemistry as well as cellular structure and processes—such as respiration and photosynthesis.


In your Moodle classroom, the interweaving of dynamic virtual tools, the weekly collaboration and interaction with your classmates, and the active instruction and guidance by your instructor will offer you an engaging and enjoyable class experience. Join Honors Biology with an eager anticipation to work with other homeschooled students as you microscopically and macroscopically explore the world around you!


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