Introduction to Literature & Composition | 2020-21

Introduction to Literature & Composition is designed for advanced 8th graders and homeschooled high schoolers in 9th and 10th grades (13+). You love to read--so you'll tackle a variety of novels, plays, short stories, and poems, all chosen to be thought-provoking and enjoyable.

Sharing and Comparing

Weekly text-based discussions are a big part of this asynchronous class, as you share your thoughts and opinions with a group of class friends. You'll read, write, and compare your views with homeschooled classmates who live across the country (and maybe around the globe). And as you do, you'll improve your critical thinking and writing skills as a community.

Writing for an Audience of Your Peers

This class is also designed for students who enjoy writing and who have a sincere desire to improve their writing skillfulness. You may be confident in your abilities or you may feel that you need to work on brainstorming, outlining, and getting your thoughts down on paper. We'll work on all those things during the year in an incremental parts-to-whole approach. While you will be writing something every week in forums and short assignments, you can expect to tackle a short story and four different types of essays that relate to your reading. You will plan, draft, write, and then revise after you've receive detailed feedback from your instructor. And in the process, you'll learn (or reinforce) the basics of MLA formatting and citation. Sharing your writing on the class website throughout the year will offer modeling and gentle, friendly peer editing opportunities to help you grow and improve.


The Nuts and Bolts

We'll also tackle vocabulary in a fun way—with flashcards! Don't be surprised when you see "SAT" on the flashcard box. You won't be studying for the SAT yet! But those flashcards will be an enjoyable break from workbooks, and we'll weave vocabulary and grammar into the year in a small, purposeful way.

Navigating Learning Online

Are you new to online classes? Whether you are or aren't, this class will help you master the components of online learning, as you navigate through your Moodle classroom and become incrementally more proficient at what an online class entails. Your instructor understands you might be an online-class newbie, so there will be plenty of instruction and assistance along the way.

Join a group of enthusiastic readers and learners who agree that "books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey."


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