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English Literature & Composition 2 | Self-Paced

Remote Learning

This self-paced online English Literature & Composition 2 class is designed for homeschoolers in the 10th grade and up who are seeking a comprehensive English class.

More details are coming soon.

Class Details

  • English Lit & Comp 2 is self paced.

  • Tuition: $650

  • Instructor: Christine Proctor

  • Dates:

    • Set up in a weekly, 9-month framework | Pacing is up to the student

    • Available any time after September 1 and must be completed within 11 months of start

  • Self-Paced Format:

    • Instruction is delivered, assignments are completed or uploaded, and tests and quizzes are taken in an online Moodle classroom.

    • This class is teacher-graded. Some assignments are automatically graded or self-graded.

    • Christine Proctor will provide detailed feedback on essays, and she will be available for student questions daily.

  • Grade level: 10th and up​ (15+)

    • For age/grade guidelines, prerequisites, and class-fit recommendations for all classes, please see our FAQ.

  • Roster size: 15 max


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