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Blue Tent Instructors

Christine Proctor - Blue Tent Instructor

Christine Proctor

Self-Paced Engl Lit & Comp 1 & 2, Honors Eng Lit & Comp 1 & 2, AP English Lit, AP English Lang, Creative Writing, Aspiring Authors Club


Christine Proctor is a an avid reader, sometime writer, and all-time enthusiastic supporter of the English language. With her youngest son now in college and her other two in the working world, Christine's sixteen years of homeschooling in a grand old historic register home in Fuquay-Varina, NC, moved into a new phase of teaching--online! Whether she is bringing literature and writing to life for homeschooled students next door, face-to-face online tutoring sessions, or in her Moodle classes, Christine loves being a "coach."


With a degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina, as well as work experience as a news reporter and as a copywriter for a national advertising agency, teaching writing and analysis was a logical next step. Raising three boys with multiple interests broadened Christine's horizons beyond her love of reading, writing, photography, and fostering dogs for a rescue group--to the finer things in life like art, music, dance, drama, and of course, sports. Though she might not be on the field or behind the piano, she actively contributes to each community, and each of these activities has deepened her experiences--which are reflected in her teaching. Opportunities to lead classes in poetry, dramatic writing, and storybook art have come her way through both the homeschool community and her church. And one can never underestimate the benefits of an engaging book club!

From the very first edits students receive on their papers, Christine's appreciation for effective and artful communication is conveyed with thoroughness. Nothing brings her greater satisfaction than reading a piece of writing that reveals a student's understanding of a subject along with the ability to clearly convey it. Well . . . maybe a scoop of dark chocolate raspberry ice cream could compete!

Background & Experience

  • B.A. with Honors, Journalism, 1987, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Professional Writer (1987-97)​
    • Copywriter, Rockett Burkhead Advertising Agency ​(1987-91)

    • Reporter, Fuquay-Varina Independent (1991-97)

  • Blue Tent Online Instructor (2012-Present)

  • Middle and High School English Course Instructor (2009-12)

  • One-on-one tutoring (IEW and WriteShop) 2007-19

  • College Board-Authorized AP English Instructor

    • Authorized syllabus for AP English Literature & Comp & AP English Language & Comp

  • K through 12th Home Educator


Feedback & Reviews

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