AP® Calculus BC - 2020-21

The material covered in the AP Calculus BC course is roughly equivalent to that covered in a first year college calculus course. The main components of Calculus BC are advanced integration techniques and sequences, series and polynomial approximations. Calculus BC also extends the content learned in Calculus AB to different types of equations (polar, parametric, and vector-valued).


Flexibility and Collaboration

This AP Calculus BC class can be taken synchronously or asynchronously. We will meet twice a week for one-hour of instruction on Monday and again on Friday for an hour-long problem session. Classes will meet from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern, and they will be recorded for those who wish to view them asynchronously.


It is important for students to be able to ask questions in a live classroom and to hear questions from others--exposing them to points of view they may not have considered before. In addition, in a high-level math class such as Calculus BC, a lot of the learning happens while working on the problem sets, and having the proper problem-solving skills (in addition to knowing the theorems and definitions) will contribute greatly to the student’s success and enjoyment of the subject matter. 

Weekly Schedule

There will be a weekly handout that contains a summary of the concepts covered in that week, links to interesting websites and videos related to the topic, plus daily homework assignments. (There is a wealth of material on calculus on the internet, this will be a curated list to save you from having to sift through countless YouTube videos, and getting distracted along the way.) Unlike AP Calculus AB, which is designed to be a year-long high school class, Calculus BC is taught at the pace of a college course. You'll want to make sure to access the classroom daily and complete the daily homework assignments so you don’t fall behind! 

  • During the Friday problem sessions, we will work on problems that students encountered during the week and I will present problem solving approaches that will help minimize computational error and maximize computational efficiency.

  • You will be interacting with your classmates during the live sessions as well as through an online forum provided in your Blue Tent classroom. You can post questions about your reading assignments or homework, answer other students’ questions, or post solutions to problems. I will be available on the forum as well and will make sure we work through the most interesting problems on the Friday problem sessions.


The Core Resources

The textbook we will be using, the 1st edition of Calculus for AP ebook, by Ron Larson/Paul Battaglia, is an excellent AP Calculus textbook. I have collected numerous calculus textbooks over the years, and most of the time, high school AP courses use a popular college textbook and adapt it for use in an AP Calculus class. The textbook we will be using is designed specifically for the AP Curriculum Framework and exam, and it also provides AP-style problems relevant to each chapter. Mr. Larson’s explanations are always clear and the organization of his textbooks are uniformly stellar.


  • The Enhanced WebAssign ebook has the following additional features: Read It links, Master It Tutorials and a Personal Study Plan that will let students use chapter assessments to gauge their mastery of the material and generate individualized study plans that include online, interactive multimedia resources.

    • A hard-copy of the textbook is also available to be checked out (free of charge) through the Blue Tent OnLoan program if students wish to access instruction in both a digital and print manner.

  • Dr. Chung’s prep book. Additional problems will be assigned as practice but these will not be graded. You may, however, ask for help with questions from the prep book through the forum or during problem solving sessions.


I've successfully taught Calculus to many bright students over the years, and I look forward to working with you to help you develop and expand your math proficiency!


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