Creative Writing - 1 and 2

Our two live online creative writing classes are designed to delight 7th-12th grade homeschoolers who love to write their own stories and poems and who pine to have time to explore, refine, and share their creations. These one-semester classes are offered in both the fall and the spring:


  • Creative Writing 1: Fantasy to Farce

  • Creative Writing 2: Short Stories to Tall Tales

In both classes, students will test drive four categories of imaginative writing. Each one-semester class can serve as half an English credit or as a separate elective. We recommend starting with Creative Writing 1, but the classes can be taken in either order.


  • Every other Friday there will be a live one-hour class on ZOOM, where the teacher--Christine Proctor--will offer instruction and guidance. This will be a venue to share and discuss.

  • See our FAQ for class dates, times, and breaks.

  • All live sessions will be recorded since we know "life happens"!


Once Upon a Time . . .

Any writing can be creative. But if a student has a penchant to push the limits of the written word and transport their readers to a different time, place, and state of mind, this one-semester workshops might be just what they need to get the creative juices flowing.

  • In these classes, students will peer into the intellects of renowned writers of fiction, poetry, philosophical essays, and even comic strips in order to inspect and dissect the tools and techniques of their trade.

  • Assigned reading will include excerpts of lengthy works in addition to poems, short stories, speeches, and essays.


Mastering the Mechanics

Both reading and the writing that ensues will focus on identifying and employing elements such as fantasy, subtle symbolism, setting techniques that transform both mood and tone, seamless figurative language, and methods to turn one’s writer’s voice from serious to satirical as the art of mystery, persuasion, and delight is refined.

Let's Collaborate!

Discussion of the class reading and the instructions for each writing assignment will be offered up in a Moodle classroom as well as in regular live meet-ups.

  • Live sessions will provide time for questions and answers as well as the demonstration of techniques.

  • Students will write, respond to edits, contemplate each others’ works, and tackle the reading for the following week’s assignment before the next live session occurs.

  • In-depth feedback from the instructor will be in both detailed and uplifting, and students will be "met" wherever they might be along the writer's journey.

The instructor will be available for questions--both live and in the Moodle classroom--and will always a source of support and encouragement.

Ready to take writing to a happily-ever-after status?


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