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All math and science classes except in Anatomy include ebooks as part of your digital resources fee.


In addition to the ebooks that are provided to students, we offer the option of borrowing hardcopy textbooks for:

  • Algebra 1 (regular & honors)
  • Geometry (regular & honors)
  • Algebra 2 (regular & honors)
  • Precalculus (regular & honors)
  • (No AP Precalculus--ebook only)
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • General Biology
  • (No Honors Biology or Honors Chemistry--ebooks only)
  • Marine Biology
  • AP Biology
  • Human Anatomy
  • (No AP Environmental Science--ebook only)
  • (No AP Psychology--ebook only)


We will loan out textbooks until we run out. Keep in mind that students will have an ebook in all classes except Anatomy, so borrowing a text is completely optional and IN ADDITION to the required digital resources fee.


📌 To borrow a gently used hard-copy math or science text:

  1. Pay class tuition and the digital resources fee first.
  2. Then pay for a borrowed textbook here.


☀️ A shipping confirmation and tracking number will be emailed once a text is shipped.

  • U.S. shipping only
  • Contact us at if you need international shipping options.


📌 For more information, go to Blue Tent OnLoan.

Math & Science Textbook Loan

Books will begin shipping out June 1
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