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Lindsey Thompson - Algebra Instructor

Lindsey Thompson

Honors Algebra 1Algebra 2Honors Algebra 2

Lindsey grew up in a small town just south of Charlotte, North Carolina, where she attended a career-oriented magnet school. Finding passion and joy in the objective logic of mathematics, she began her pursuit of a math-oriented engineering career in the 9th grade. Throughout her high school and college years, Lindsey tutored her peers. As the teaching assistant for her AP Calculus teacher, she helped many students prepare for AP Calculus AB and BC exams, and she indeed earned that coveted “5” on the Calc BC exam herself.


On a visit to an open house at North Carolina State University, she fell in love with the school and the city of Raleigh. She graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and worked for two years estimating commercial projects for a construction subcontractor. Through the many math classes she took in college, and then as she embarked on her career, Lindsey realized just how critical a solid foundation in mathematics is to succeed in any STEM field. It was only after graduating and entering the workforce that her desire to focus on—and teach—math became apparent. Her love of math, her depth of experience with math classes in her undergraduate major, and her tutoring of students for as long as she can remember, inspired her to change paths and pursue a career in STEM education. 


When Lindsey first met her husband as a sophomore at NCSU, she had a limited knowledge of homeschooling options. Through his perspective--as a K-through-12th homeschooler--she was introduced to the home education alternative that provides an unrestricted path for students to pursue their academic passions at a pace that makes sense for them. And she's committed to help each one of her students where they need it the most.


While Lindsey enjoys a variety of hobbies, some of her favorites include cooking and baking, spending time with friends, playing board games, and traveling. She hopes to see all 50 states and set foot on every continent in her lifetime.

Background & Experience

  • BS in Civil Engineering, 2016. North Carolina State University

  • Blue Tent Instructor (2020-Present)

    • Algebra 1, Reg & Honors

    • Algebra 2, Reg & Honors

  • Math Instructor (2018-20)

    • LifeSpring Academy, Clayton, NC

      • Algebra 1

      • Algebra 2

    • Group Tutor

      • Pre-Algebra

      • Algebra 1 and 2

      • Geometry 

      • Precalculus

      • Calculus AB

    • Private Tutor

      • Algebra 1 and 2

      • Geometry

      • Precalculus​

  • College Board-authorized AP instructor

    • Authorized AP Calculus AB syllabus

    • College Board AP Calculus AB Workshop

    • College Board AP Calculus AB week-long Summer Institute Course

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Feedback & Reviews

  • Learn more about what parents and students are saying about Lindsey HERE.


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