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Lindsey Thompson

Lindsey Thompson

Mrs. Lindsey was an absolutely great teacher! I loved how patient she was and never got frustrated even when it took me a while to understand a concept. I felt I really learned a lot and I highly recommend her class! Thanks Mrs. Lindsey! 

KO | Honors Algebra 1 Student

Thank you so much for an amazing year!  In previous years, I struggled to fully understand and apply math concepts, and I wasn’t confidently growing in my math abilities.  Your class this year, however, completely changed how I saw and approached math. The interesting discussion forums you provided every single week, the graspable lecture material you gave us every class, and the help you offered each week during Office Hours and beyond gave me the opportunity to work hard, delve into mathematical applications, and see math in a whole different light.  In reflecting on the year, I realize just how much I’ve grown and learned - and it’s all thanks to you!  

Now that the year is coming to a close, I know I’ll be taking all that I’ve learned and worked for into precalculus next year and beyond.  I’m going to miss being part of your class, but will now approach learning using the math perspective that you helped us to ignite this year.  

I can’t thank you enough for all of the dedication and commitment you’ve given our class, and how you’ve gone above and beyond with helping us fully understand math and succeed - I’m so blessed that I was able to be part of your class this year.  Thank you for all you do!

EH | Honors Algebra 2 Student

I really enjoyed taking Algebra 1 with Mrs. Lindsey this year, and I learned so much. I love her way of explaining things and office hours really helped me with the trickier problems. Mrs. Lindsey is the type of teacher that I feel like I can go to for help even after finishing her course. The course started off relatively easy, and not too overwhelming. As time progressed, the topics became more difficult and advanced but with homework assignments and Mrs. Lindsey’s explanations, I was able to keep up with the pace. The discussion forums were fun and I enjoyed comparing thoughts and opinions with my classmates.


This course was recommended to me by my two older sisters and I’d definitely recommend this class for anyone who wants to learn math in a fun and engaging way. This Algebra 1 class has a good balance of challenge, fun, and new ideas. And although some parts did get a bit boring, this class was way less boring than a lot of other math classes and introduced new interesting topics. 


Long story short, I think Mrs. Lindsey did an amazing job teaching this Algebra 1 class and I’d definitely recommend this to any student who wants to take an algebra 1 course.

CW | Honors Algebra 1 Student

Mrs. Lindsey has high expectations for her class and helps all students accomplish their goals. As a student, I feel that she explains everything very thoroughly and is very open to any questions we might have. Her assignments have been efficient, quick and impacting. Mrs. Lindsey has a very organized class and even offers extra credit. She makes sure that we learn and deeply understand before we move on to a new assignment. I have enjoyed learning new skills and she has been very gracious to the students with discipline and making assignments fun.

KM | Honors Algebra 1 Student

We are honored to write a review for Ms. Lindsey Thompson. She is the first tutor my daughter has connected with in 2 years and 2 different companies.


Lindsey is patient, accommodating, and engaging. She asks about my daughter beyond math and that created a connection. She also listened to me when I wanted to push more, and she calmed my anxiety when it was not necessary. She assesses my daughter's math skills and advises on what is needed to improve.


I especially love the convenience of being able to see her online. We actually live an hour apart, likely more with traffic. Lindsey was able to arrange online meetings and the internet connection is never a problem. I can speak for my daughter when I say we look forward to continuing our relationship for the long haul. She is a delight and worth every penny! 

SD | Home Schooling Parent

Lindsey Thompson is a fantastic high school math tutor. She has been tutoring my son in Algebra 1. His confidence, understanding and attitude towards algebra has greatly improved. 


What I love best is she looks and listens to his mathematical processing and if there is a foundational issue, or a gap in his learning, she “fixes his thinking” so he can move forward. She has also taught him that math is manageable and to not be intimidated by tough problems. I am so thankful for her support, enthusiasm and sweet personality. My son really likes working with Lindsey. I would highly recommend Lindsey for math instruction at the high school level.  


If anyone would like to contact me for a personal reference, I am happy to talk with them about our experience. Lindsey has been a huge blessing and I am so thankful for her help.

KF | Homeschooling Parent

Mrs. Lindsey is an incredible teacher!  I took honors Algebra 2 with her, and enjoyed this class so much.  Her lectures were so helpful and made perfect sense, and she was always willing to stop and answer our questions very patiently.  Mrs. Lindsey has a great way of explaining mathematical concepts – she makes them understandable, and also exciting and enjoyable!  

Mrs. Lindsey is so helpful and understanding.  When I would message her with questions about concepts or homework, she would get back to me very quickly, which I really appreciated.  I also really appreciated that Mrs. Lindsey really cares about her students and wants what is best for us – this really meant a lot to me throughout the year.  She was always very understanding and kind. 


I really enjoyed this class, and because of Mrs. Lindsey’s amazing teaching, I now have such a good understanding of Algebra 2!  Thank you so much to Mrs. Lindsey for a wonderful year!  


I would definitely, definitely recommend Mrs. Lindsey and all of her classes!! :-)

SD | Honors Algebra 2 Student

Math has always been the subject I’ve struggled the hardest with, and I’ve always considered it my least favorite school subject. Although after taking this class, I realized that all it took was hard work and a great teacher to see that math wasn’t as bad as I thought. I want to thank you for putting so much effort and thought into this class, and always being there to help your students when they needed it. I found that, for the first time ever, I was actually enjoying learning more about math! The lecture videos and class discussions each week made everything so much easier to understand. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of math in general, and the discussion forums you provided were always so insightful and interesting. It was great to be able to connect with the other students in the course and discuss everyone's views on the topics you chose.


Thank you so much for a great semester!! :)

EA | Honors Algebra 2 Student

Before taking this class, math was always my least favorite subject and something I dreaded studying every school year. However, the way you explained algebra in a simple and clear manner helped broaden my view of mathematics and grow to appreciate it like never before! To say the work is rigorous would be an understatement but I’m incredibly grateful for all the effort you put into helping me and my classmates understand the material. Whether it be in Office Hours or Discord, I know Mrs. Lindsey is always ready to guide us in the right direction and I couldn’t be more appreciative of your assistance. Thank you for everything!

CS | Honors Algebra 2 Student

I really appreciate the work and time you took to help me understand Algebra 2 this year. I always felt as though I understood what to do, as your lectures were informative and interesting, and you were constantly available to help me out when I needed it. Due to my other teachers tendency to be unspecific, unreliable, and accommodating, I always felt as though I were fighting back just to stay in. However with your class, because everything was interesting and understandable, it was always refreshing to know I had this class to fall back on when I was having a difficult time. Thank you for teaching me this year.

JG | Honors Algebra 2 Student

Your class really was the first math class that I enjoyed, and my favorite class this year! Although I don’t talk much in class, I still enjoyed this class immensely. You’re probably the best teacher I’ve ever had! You’ve taught me more than just math, too. The fact that you’re patient and forgiving when it comes to errors is really important to me, and helped me feel that it’s okay to make mistakes. I really loved this class, thank you so much for being such a great teacher!

TS | Honors Algebra 2 Student

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