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BTO has been a very positive experience for me. It is easy to understand the format and to know how to do the assignments. I've been with the curriculum for 2 years, and am very satisfied with it.


Every week there is a live session where questions are answered, reviewing is done (if there is a quiz during that week), and what we are learning is practiced. There are usually 3-4 assignments every week and a quiz every other week. There is also a video lesson that teaches you the material in an easy, understandable way.  BTO gives you documents to use when you watch the videos, in order to keep good, clear notes.


The teachers are very flexible, fun, and understanding. They answer questions relatively quickly and explain things well. My teacher has been engaging and invested her time into making sure that I was happy and learning. 


BTO is a great format. I love how it is easy to work with. I hope whoever reads this chooses BlueTent Online!!

MB | Algebra & Geometry


My experience so far with Blue Tent Algebra 1 and Geometry has been a positive one. The format is easy to pick up and work with. They have introduced new topics and helped me learn them well. 


This is my 2nd year enrolled at Blue Tent and I plan on enrolling every year until I graduate.


Every week (except for breaks) there is a live session, where they talk about what we're learning that week, and a review if there's a test later that week. However, the live sessions are not putting you to sleep. In my experience, the live sessions have been fun. They are optional to join, and there are two days to choose from. There are also office hours two days a week. I go to these if I'm stuck on an assignment, and when I go, the teacher hosting the meeting asks me what I'm having trouble with quickly. 


The teachers are very flexible and get back to questions fairly quickly. You can send a message to them about any questions you might have on your assignments. They are also flexible, and have helped me when my internet isn't working, or if my browser is blocking me from seeing certain instructions.


The feedback for assignments/quizzes are easily readable and accessible. For the most part, the instructions on assignments and quizzes are easy to follow and understand. The assignments for the week are posted in a message at the beginning of the week, which makes it easy for me to manage time. On top of a few assignments every week, there is a video lesson you complete. There is about 1 hour worth of video time a week. Overall, it takes me about 5-6 hours to complete one week of work including the lesson and live session. 


Blue Tent has worked out very well for me so far. I really love the format and how enthusiastic the teachers are about helping and teaching me. I feel that the teachers are invested in my learning, are kind, respectful, understanding, caring, and enjoy teaching. They always make me feel welcome and that they are excited to see me there!  Choose Blue Tent!

LB | Algebra & Geometry


Excellent AP Statistics Course at Blue Tent - Highly Recommended!

I am delighted to share our positive experience with the AP Statistics course at Blue Tent Online, taught by the exceptional Mrs. Ashley Porter. As a parent with two sons who have taken both the live online traditional year-long course and the self-paced class, I can confidently say that Blue Tent offers an outstanding learning environment that caters to various student preferences and schedules.

One of the standout features of Blue Tent is the flexibility it provides with two distinct options. The self-paced class is ideal for students with busy schedules, allowing them to work at their own pace and study whenever it suits them. This option has been particularly beneficial for our family, as it accommodates the varied activities and classes our sons are involved in. My eldest son completed the self-paced course during his senior year when he was exceptionally busy with extracurriculars, community college courses, other AP classes, sports, and applying to college.  Having the self-paced option was essential for him to do well in all aspects of his endeavors.

On the other hand, the year-long course offers live Zoom problem-solving sessions, fostering a supportive learning environment. Mrs. Ashley’s involvement in these sessions ensures that students receive guidance, stay on track, and make steady progress towards mastering the material, ultimately preparing them for the AP exam in May. The additional interaction with the teacher in the live sessions has been invaluable for our son’s understanding of complex concepts.  My younger son who is a freshman in high school is currently in the online year-long course.  This has been a valuable way to help him keep up with the course load and interact with classmates as well as a teacher in real time. 


Both options deliver the same high-quality course content and online instruction. Mrs. Ashley's prerecorded lessons are clear, thoughtful, and given at a manageable pace, ensuring students can revisit them as needed. The speed of the lectures can also be changed depending on how fast or slow a student needs the instruction.The emphasis on completing assignments in a format conducive to success on the AP exam has been a key aspect of the course, contributing to our sons' confidence in their abilities.

The workload is substantial, but it is this very aspect that has proven effective in solidifying the material. Weekly assignments, coupled with ample feedback from Mrs. Ashley, contribute to a robust learning experience. The teacher's commitment to students' success is evident in her availability through online messaging, addressing any questions or concerns promptly.

Mrs. Ashley's genuine care for her students is further demonstrated by her proactive approach, ensuring timely registration for the May exam. This attention to detail reflects a commitment to students' success beyond the classroom, a quality we truly appreciate.


From a financial standpoint, Blue Tent offers an affordable tuition compared to other online course options, making it accessible for families seeking quality education without breaking the bank. Our tuition was paid for by our California charter school. Securing a spot in the class by registering early is advisable, given its popularity.

In conclusion, Blue Tent's AP Statistics course has been an excellent choice for our family. Our sons have not only learned the material thoroughly but have also been well-prepared for success on the AP Statistics exam. We wholeheartedly recommend this course to other parents seeking a top-notch education for their children.

CR | 2024 AP Statistics


As a parent, I’m constantly looking for classes that will provide my children with a strong foundation and help them to grow in the areas they struggle in. This search led me to BlueTent and Mrs. Ashley’s math classes. All three of my children have taken Mrs. Ashley’s math classes one after another, and I’ve witness firsthand the impact she’s had on them. My children would struggle and constantly tell me they didn’t like math, but after taking Mrs. Ashley’s math classes, they had a full 180 and their math scores have improved drastically! They absolutely love the class and the teacher! Mrs. Ashley is one the best teachers my kids have ever had. I highly recommend her and her classes!

CR | 2024 Multiple Classes


Ashley Porter was instrumental is getting my teen to feel confident in mastering precalculus. She explains concepts in a clear manner and creates a fun and accepting class environment. My teen never felt intimated by the complexity of concepts, was positively challenged and enjoyed the fun activities that Ms. Porter assigned. Ms. Porter is professional, organized, personable and just an overall great math teacher. We wish she taught calculus. 

RK | 2023 Precalculus


Thank you so much for such an amazing year of Honors Geometry! This was my first "official" course of Geometry and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Thank you so much for being so open to all of my questions and for just always being there for me if I was struggling—even through this time of your life that must be so hectic at times as your mother has cancer... (I'm praying for her!) As I said in the last question of my stats quiz, I really learned from you to live and go on in life even when life is hard. I really appreciate how you continued to teach despite the difficult time in your life... Thank you so much for being so organized and I really appreciated how you opened the week's work earlier as it allowed for me to plan my week earlier based on the amount of work given. You were the perfect teacher for me and you really passed your love for math on through all of your talks and videos! I hope that many more can learn from you as much as I did!

EW | 2023 Geometry


My daughter really enjoyed her year with Ms. Ashley for precalculus. Ms. Ashley is probably her favorite teacher thus far in her online homeschooling experience. :)


Gosh, I wish I had discovered your school much earlier than I did. I would say that our experience with you has been our most successful. You run a terrific outfit.

CY | Homeschooling


After completing a traditional set of math courses, my son was looking for a different way to explore math, and Mrs. Ashley's self paced AP Statistics has been a great fit!  It is obvious that Mrs. Ashley is passionate not only about the subjects she teaches, but also about her students. Even though he is not part of a live class, she has taken the time to reach out and make the effort to get to know my son and encourage him throughout the course.  She is always quick to reply to messages and thorough in her feedback.  My son has learned so much and really enjoyed being a part of Mrs. Ashley's course!


Additional feedback after class was over:

[My son] really enjoyed his class with Mrs. Ashley this year. Even though he was in the self paced class, I felt that she made a great effort to build a relationship with him. She even invited him to join her live review sessions before the AP exam. He had always been very good at math but didn't really want to pursue it in college but now he is considering a major in statistics. I'm thrilled that he has found this new passion.  Thanks for providing a great service for homeschoolers.

KA | Homeschooling


My favorite part of the class was how each and every video was clear and easy to follow and understand. I thought the materials were presented in an ideal way, and I was never unengaged while following along with the lectures. The guided notes really helped keep me on track as well, I also really enjoyed seeing the little math joes on the right side of the computer each week, I thought they were funny. One thing I learned from you this year, that is not math related, is that you have a funny dog who likes to talk. Thank you so much for teaching this class. I feel like I have understood everything well. I really appreciate it. Have a great summer!

KS | Self-Paced Geometry


Taking precalculus with you has immensely strengthened my ability to approach a variety of concepts, but specifically linear algebra. Matrices were a whole new concept for me, and I had no idea that they were part of the process of composing music (this was fascinating for me to learn, as music theory and piano are two minors I am looking into for college). From Quizziz competitions to Zoom escape rooms to creative paper homeworks, you made precalculus material applicable and exciting to put into practice. I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you have given me this year and continuing on with leading such an engaging class while taking care of your mom and moving homes. You have truly blessed me and all of your students with both your love of teaching and ability to present the difficulty of math in such a graspable and inviting way. Thank you so much for giving me that.  I will truly miss you being my teacher next year!


I hope that you have a wonderful summer and enjoy your brand new home. Best wishes to you and all of your family - what a year it must have been for you all! Thank you again for all that you do, Mrs. Ashley!

EH | Precalculus


The Trig workshop recorded class with Mrs. Porter helped me be successful in the Pre-Calculus Honors class at Blue Tent Online. I completed previous math using a couple different online providers. In the first semester of Pre-Calculus, I encountered quite a few concepts that I learned in the Trig workshop and did not know previously. The Trig workshop showed me concepts that I did not know from previous courses and made learning the Pre-Calc material easier.

KE | Trig Workshop


My favorite part of the class would have to be the Kahoots. I really enjoyed taking part in them and the fact that it was anonymous just made me feel more comfortable. If I made a mistake, no one would know it was me. It really helped me and I also had fun!


Something I learned from Mrs. Ashley this year was fortitude and perseverance. Even after her mom went to the hospital, Mrs. Ashley had all the rights to sit down, cry, and just let the math class keep going without giving it much effort. But she did the total opposite, and I really admire that. She gave us her time and complete attention, even though she was going through a tough time. I'm honestly really grateful I was in her class this year. Not only did she teach me math, she also gave me some valuable life lessons. I know now that if something hard ever crosses my path, I can handle it and continue going forward. I really appreciate the lesson Mrs. Ashley. Thank you!

KO | Student


I highly recommend Mrs. Porter’s Geometry course. I have two children currently enrolled in the self-paced option and they are excelling. The guided notes are my favorite part. Not only are they a great tool to keep students engaged during the teaching videos/lectures, they provide a good review for quizzes. We truly appreciate the self-paced option, as our schedule needs flexibility. Even better, though, is the teacher interaction! Mrs. Porter is very responsive to questions and offers a weekly drop in study hall. We’ve been very impressed and look forward to more classes with Mrs. Porter next year. 

MS | Homeschooling


My son has done both Geometry and Precalculus with Ashley Porter and I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress he has made. He has demonstrated a real mastery of the concepts. My husband noticed a huge improvement as they did some ACT test prep problems together. Ashley has been able to get him to work hard and meet his deadlines and he does it without complaining. Communication with parents has been great. She explains her grading and gives timely feedback and addresses problems early. I highly recommend Ashley! Five stars! 

CS | Homeschooling


This year Mrs. Ashley has helped me so much. She is an awesome teacher and her videos are so clear and easy to understand. She is responsive and easy to get help from. Her homework is entertaining and class time is fun and interactive. As someone who once struggled with math and was behind it is very satisfying working with Mrs. Ashley and expanding my knowledge of math. 

CBD | Honors Precalculus


Mrs. Ashley was such a wonderful Precalculus teacher this year. I've really enjoyed being a part of her class. She has a very clear and concise way of teaching and helped me get my head around those difficult equations that I was finding impossible one year ago. I don't know where I'd be standing right now with regards to my math skills if not for her course. She greatly helped me appreciate mathematics and was a brilliant teacher!

DG | Precalculus


I highly recommend the Pre-Calculus Honors class at Blue Tent Online with Mrs. Porter! My son has gone from hating math despite being fairly good at it, to enjoying math and being really good at it. Mrs. Porter is the kind of math teacher who motivates her students to learn the subject, is a great teacher, and fosters a love of math. As far as the online software for the class, I had my doubts about how well it would work for my son, but it has been great, and it is also used at some universities (WebAssign).

KE | Homeschooling


This past school year I was in AP Statistics with Miss Ashley Porter. She is the best math teacher I have ever had and is so understanding. Everyday we did a Stats Medic activity which really made the hard topics easier to understand. If there was ever a part of the class I was stuck on, she made sure to take extra time so we could understand it better. Towards the end of the year, we did a lot of review so we were extra prepared for the exam. We took the Stats Medic review course, and what I personally liked the best was the mock exams we took. They helped me understand what the exam would look like so it was not a total surprise. At the beginning of the year I was extremely nervous because I knew this was a difficult math class, but she made it easy and was always available to answer questions. She is awesome and an amazing teacher!

LA | AP Statistics


Ashley Porter gives 200% of herself to her students. I wish I had had her in highschool when I was struggling in math. Words can’t describe her passion, her devotion and her heart for her students. Every student matters and my son is only succeeding in Geometry because of her. All it takes is one teacher to make a difference in a student's life and Ashley is that teacher. I will tell everyone I know to use Blue Tent Online courses.

MS | Homeschooling Parent

The guided notes were extremely helpful and I found them to be a great resource. I think the way we went through them in class and the way we used them througout the week was very helpful; much better than anything I've ever found in another math class. 


I think the way you presented the guided notes and systematically filled them in whilst explaining the concepts was excellent. I've actually never learned mathematics in that method before, and I found the new approach really practical. 


The guided notes provided me with a clear and structured basis for my Precalculus study. I could refer back to them whenever I needed to, as well as use them when reviewing for exams. You always answered any questions we had and thoroughly explained them as you went through the notes.

On "Guided Notes"

Three Students

Ashley Porter is currently teaching my son Pre-Calculus (school year 2019-2020). Ashley has been extremely helpful and accommodating. She goes above and beyond in making sure her students have what they need to be successful in her class. Ashley is patient, kind, and caring and has always been available to offer assistance when needed. Ashley is very knowledgeable about what she teaches and has helped my son understand and excel in a subject that has always been challenging for him. He enjoys being in her class and the conversations he has with her. We are very thankful for Ashley and highly recommend her.

MM | Homeschooling Parent

Being in Mrs. Ashley’s AP Statistics class this past year has been great! Although statistics is a challenging subject, the teaching and the material used made it easier. We kept a tight, yet efficient, schedule which allowed us to learn all the material needed before the AP Exam. I felt confident for the exam because of our extensive review with StatsMedic and our own “mock exams” (practice questions meant to prepare us for the exam). Mrs. Ashley is an amazing teacher, she made the material easy to understand, and she made stats class enjoyable!

HD | AP Statistics


From the very start of school, Mrs. Ashley was always very prepared for every class and every question we students had. Stats medic was a very helpful resource towards the end of our year. The videos were beyond helpful and went over everything we needed, while also Mrs Ashley was always available for any extra questions. Mrs. Ashley made it very clear that she was always willing to explain deeper and give examples. Although this was a difficult course, Mrs. Ashley did a great job of maintaining a professional and patient attitude at all times. I highly recommend Mrs. Ashley Porter!

DP | AP Statistics


Mrs. Ashley has been my Pre-Calculus teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. I have never met a teacher who is so understanding of everyone’s passions and talents as much as she is. She always makes sure that everyone is comfortable and has comprehended new material that she teaches. 


Her sense of humor makes her so enjoyable and genuinely fun to be around. I have had very few teachers who seem like friends to me, and she is one of them. I feel like I can talk to her about anything, and she truly listens and takes to heart anything that I tell her. 


She is extremely caring and has a loving heart that can be shown simply by her acts of kindness. For example, she got every student in the Pre- Calculus class a gift for Christmas that she felt they would enjoy or that they talked about at some point during the school year. This is just one example of the many that I could share of her loving heart. She would be the best addition to any staff, and any student would be lucky to have her as a teacher.

LA | Precalculus


Mrs. Ashley is an amazing teacher in every aspect. Not only does she know the material being taught, she explains it in a way for everyone to understand. She encourages her students to always have a positive mindset. When one student is in need of help, she will take time to assist them so they do not fall behind. Mrs. Ashley genuinely cares for the well-being of her students and wants to see them succeed. I have enjoyed having Mrs. Ashley as my teacher!

HD | Precalculus


Ashley Porter was my assistant for a number of semesters for my online Calculus III course here at NCSU. She was instrumental in setting up and perfecting the method I now use each semester to handle the entire process of grading tests for an online mathematics cours

LN | North Carolina State


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