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Blue Tent Instructors

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Marcy Swisher

Honors Chemistry. Marine Biology & Oceanography, Advanced Senior English

Marcy is a self-proclaimed book and science nerd. As an undergraduate, she pushed back against those who insisted she needed to narrow her focus to a single specialization. And it worked. She pursued a degree in both science and English language–and then proceeded to teach from that dual-perspective platform. As a high school English teacher, Marcy has experienced the joy of seeing students connect with literature–through discussion as well as in written expression. She has a passion for guiding literary analysis, and she relishes in the moments when students make connections to their own lives. Knowing that many students do not fully appreciate their own abilities and potential, Marcy works to help them express their best, authentic selves through writing. She believes they simply need gentle encouragement and targeted guidance to successfully communicate their thoughts, ideas, and opinions to the world. 


Marcy’s love of books is rivaled only by her love of science. With teaching certification in both English language and science education, Marcy applies literary skills to her science classes to help students gain the most from information in multiple formats. She brings literary expertise to her science classes, creating opportunities for students to practice science communication. After years of hearing “science is too hard,” she seeks out novel and engaging ways for students to find science accessible and meaningful. Fostering both a literary and scientific mindset, and encouraging inquiry and exploration, helps students recognize how much science is a part of their daily lives.


Marcy has homeschooled her two teenage daughters since early elementary school, graduating her first in 2022. She is passionate about working with teens and is thrilled to be sharing her love of teaching English and science through Blue Tent.


When not working on “school stuff,” Marcy reads. A lot! She also enjoys running, playing on a competitive tennis team, listening to music, and just hanging out with her family. 

Background & Experience

  • B.A., Education, 1998, University of Kentucky

  • High school certification: English, Chemistry
  • Middle grades certification: Language Arts, Reading, Science, Gifted/Talented
  • Blue Tent Online Instructor (2021-Present)
  • Public school educator (1998-2006)
    • Franklin County Public Schools, KY (1998-99)
    • Scott County Public Schools, KY (1999-2000)
    • Cabarrus County Public Schools, NC (2000-2006)
  • Varsity coach, Franklin County Public Schools (1992-2000)
  • Student teacher instructor (2002-2006)
  • Science education tutor
  • Elementary through high school home educator
  • Home education consultant

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