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Blue Tent Instructors
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Marcy Swisher

Marine Biology & Oceanography, Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, New to the Shelf | A YA Book Club

Marcy is a self-proclaimed science nerd. From astrophysics to oceanography, she loves it all. While teaching public school, Marcy had far too many students say, “science is too hard," or "I'm no good at science,” and since then, she's worked to make science more accessible to students by showing them that it's a part of their daily lives!


Marcy works to create a class environment that makes students feel successful. Through science education, she strives to show students that careers and hobbies exist in science, and that these opportunities are not so far out of reach. 


After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Marcy spent two years teaching public school in Kentucky before moving to North Carolina. While in Charlotte, she met and married her husband, and after the birth of her second daughter, she came out of the classroom.


Marcy has homeschooled her two teenage daughters since early elementary school. Job relocations have taken the Swishers to Washington, D.C., and Connecticut before bringing them to Cincinnati, OH--and Marcy now hopes to share her love of teaching and science through Blue Tent. 


When not doing “sciency” stuff, Marcy enjoys running, playing on a competitive tennis team, reading, listening to podcasts, and seeing Broadway shows. 

Background & Experience

  • B.A., Education, 1998, University of Kentucky

  • High school certification: English, Chemistry
  • Middle grades certification: Science, Language Arts, Reading, Gifted/Talented
  • Public school educator (1998-2006)
    • Franklin County Public Schools, KY (1998-99)
    • Scott County Public Schools, KY (1999-2000)
    • Cabarrus County Public Schools, NC (2000-2006)
  • Varsity coach, Franklin County Public Schools (1992-2000)
  • Student teacher instructor (2002-2006)
  • Science education tutor
  • Elementary through high school home educator
  • Home education consultant

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