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Marcy Swisher

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Marcy created such a kind and encouraging learning environment. With her teaching philosophy, I felt that I retained information much more than I would have in a typical class. Each week was kept interesting and fun while still being academically rigorous (but not overwhelming). This class incorporated technical concepts with their real-world implications – all of which I’m still contemplating today! I would recommend this class to (everyone really but also) all seniors or juniors who have a lot on their plate. 

HH | Marine Biology 


Ms. Swisher’s marine biology classes were always a bright spot in my week, she promoted collaboration & genuine learning. I never felt so involved in an online class, whether through the fun labs and projects (the map project was so much fun!) or the interactive classroom, and I don’t think I’ve ever retained information as well as I have in Ms. Swisher’s class! Her organization and class setup worked wonderfully for me.


As a senior I wish I’d have found Ms. Swisher & Blue Tent sooner, they were by far the best teacher & class I’ve had in almost my entire high school experience!

AH | Marine Biology 


My son and I have been thrilled with Marcy Swisher's Marine Biology class. The class is engaging, well-organized, and enjoyable. I appreciate how hard Ms. Swisher has worked to bring in guest speakers who are actively working in the field. All of the lab work has been well explained and easy to follow.  Additionally, Ms. Swisher has enabled lots of student collaboration during class time and through asynchronous partnered assignments. I think this course represents the best of homeschooling--rigor, fun, and the chance to dive into a unique topic. My son is sorry to see the class end.

RB | Homeschooling


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