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Anna Grace Freebersyser

Introduction to Literature & Composition


A native North Carolinian, Anna Grace was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school graduation. She was one of Blue Tent Online’s earliest and most successful students, completing all of our high school English classes--including Honors English, AP English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, and Advanced Senior English. 


Anna Grace graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2020 with a major in Journalism. At UNC, she was recognized as a Stembler Scholar, earned a Robinson Honors Fellowship, and was inducted into the UNC chapter of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

While at UNC-Chapel Hill, Anna Grace also minored in entrepreneurship and history. One of her favorite college experiences—besides the night the Tar Heels won the NCAA men’s basketball championship in her freshman year—was the summer she traveled solo across the UK for her Robinson Honors Fellowship, conducting interviews and gathering original material for an independent history research project.


Anna Grace has written and produced stories of local and national significance--with some of her work being published by the local NBC News affiliate WRAL. As a reporter at UNC for Media Hub, she conducted interviews, composed feature articles, and collaborated with print and video reporters, photographers, and graphic designers. Her decision to pursue journalism grew out of her love of people and conversation--leading her to recognize the immense value of mastering the mechanics of writing at a college and then a professional level. 


Anna Grace's experience guiding students through the writing process began in high school and proceeded into college and beyond. During her own time as a Blue Tent student, she was one of the very top students in her English classes, and she was invited to be a student TA in AP English Language and Composition--where she tutored students and offered writing feedback alongside the instructor. Her approachable demeanor and "been there--done that" perspective was a great help to her peers.


Later as Staff Editor of To the Well, a student-run thought journal, Anna Grace mentored writers through the process of planning and writing articles that fit the journal’s themes and purpose while also providing nuts and bolts copy editing guidance. She believes writing and analysis are bedrock skills that, working together, empower student-writers to thrive. Her core teaching objectives include fostering joy and inspiration for writing skillfully through the reading of great literature and through the personal and focused attention of one-on-one feedback.


Anna Grace spends her free time enjoying her family and friends, growing and cooking good food, watching basketball, and creating art. She’s an avid learner, consumer of stories, and loves podcasts, movies, and TV in addition to reading. 

Background & Experience

  • B.A. with distinction in Journalism, 2020, Hussman School of Journalism, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    • Minors in Entrepreneurship and History

    • Stembler Scholar

    • Robinson Honors Fellow

    • National Society of Collegiate Scholars

  • Blue Tent Online Instructor (2022-Present)​

  • Reporter, Media Hub, 2020

  • Staff Editor, To the Well, 2018-20

  • Co-Curator, Jane Austen Summer Program, 2018

  • Tutor and TA, Blue Tent Online 2015-16

More about Anna Grace

Wish to meet and learn more about Anna Grace? Contact Blue Tent to arrange a phone call or Zoom meeting! 

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