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Christine Proctor


Probably the most insane thing about these past two semesters is how I almost didn't do this writing class - I almost switched to another one, but ended up taking this one. I honestly have no idea where I'd be as a writer without this class, so it's still so crazy to me I almost didn't take it. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for being the best writing teacher I've ever had and teaching me and my classmates so much. I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone and write things I never would've written otherwise and also to share my work (which I once swore I'd never do LOLL) and get to read everyone else's. My classmates are also the best - we created a groupchat and talk to each other sometimes for hours every day. It's the best coincidence ever that we've helped each other become better writers and have also become such great friends. I'M SO SAD CLASS IS ENDINGGG. :,( But thank you again for teaching this class - I will always remember it!!! 

AJ | Creative Writing


This last meet-up, made me a bit sad, because its literally the end of this course. Even though there were times were I felt like I didn't know what to write, or just my stories weren't the best. It was still really fun! Thank you so much, for making this course so enjoyable and I feel like now, I can write better stories than when I first entered!! Thank you so much again, for everything and for helping me throughout my writing journey!!!

SO | Creative Writing


It's so sad that this is the last meeting...Time really flies by fast. I felt like this course had just started, but in one blink of an eye, it was already over...

This course is by far the best BlueTent course I have ever taken. All of the people here are so nice, and I can express my true feelings without feeling nervous or scared that people will judge or make fun of me. I also made many real, true friends that I can have in my life forever and ever.

Thank you Christine for being such a wonderful teacher, you helped me improve. If you compare my work for this class and the work I did for the first time I took this class, there is obviously a big improvement!!!

Again, thank you so much!! I will miss this course so so so so much!!

HL | Creative Writing


I was in Mrs. Proctor's AP Literature and Composition, which really prepared me well for the exam and taught me so much more about writing, especially with a timer going! I loved the book discussions and all our assignments this year. Although it did not top Honors English 2 as my favorite of her classes, it was a close second! I cannot wait to be in her page-a-day creative writing course this fall.

CD | AP English


Upon receiving your end school year report, I wanted to tell you how I feel thankful for having you as my son's English teacher. Your encouragement, patience, and hard work for the students was the key for my son success in English learning. He practiced a lot of writing,  learned about important writing skills, and even discovered his new potential talent in poetry. English reading and writing has been challenging to him, but he has improved his speed, organization and style. We would really like to continue to learn English at Blue Tent, however, [my son] might go to local public school next year. No matter where he goes, you are always his great teacher in his heart!

SP | Honors English


This is the best and most challenging English class I have ever taken and I am enjoying it immensely!! You have the best writing prompts, books, and you are the best editor I have EVER had!! I mean, come on—who else would give back an essay with something like 116 comments on it. :) I love it!! I have never had a teacher tear apart my writing the way that you do, and I am simply adoring the challenge. I have seen my writing improve already this year, and I have a feeling that it will continue on that path. I really hope that you realize how much I adore your class!

NB | Honors English


Thank you, Christine. You are top notch in our book. [My daughter] learned so much and most of all, she gained more confidence in her writing. We were just talking about the college essay she has to write this summer, and she said, "No worries, mom! You underestimate how much my writing has improved this year." :)

SK | AP English Literature


I've been so pleased with the content and quality of the class. I love the detailed feedback you give . . . and I know that [my daughter’s] learned and grown so much through this class. The course has certainly been a challenge for her, but I've been pleased with the effort she has put into her work. We really like the format of the class and the interaction with the other students. Thank you for being a dedicated and effective teacher!

DT | Homeschooling


We are exceptionally pleased with your excellent class. The reading material has been challenging, varied, and interesting. You have consistently provided well organized assignments, and timely feedback on the many assignments. You have fostered energetic and positive class participation through the message boards and through the online chat sessions. [Our daughter] has improved in all areas of her English skills through this class. We are impressed how supportive and constructive you are as a teacher to the whole class, and even more so because this is a distance-learning online experience.

JM | Homeschooling


We are extremely glad that the format used by your Honors English class fits [our son’s] learning style very well. The asynchronous nature, coupled with the highly interactive requirements of the class, keeps him accountable, yet provides him with a flexible schedule. And the class seems to challenge him at the right level and makes him learn the English language in a more fun and comprehensive manner. Truly, we could not have asked for more! Thank you for challenging him and allowing him to grow at the same time.

JS | Homeschooling


As this semester is coming to a close, I would like to thank you for an excellent class.  My daughters say it is their favorite class! I truly feel you have taken their writing to the next level. This has been my biggest struggle as a home schooling parent. I have known they are good writers but didn’t know how to keep them progressing. Thank you for pushing them to become even better.

SM | Homeschooling


Thank you for sending such a thorough and encouraging assessment of [our daughter’s] work and participation in your Honors English class. I appreciate the time you put into planning assignments and giving feedback and evaluations throughout the semester.  I can't imagine reading and evaluating papers for an entire class with the attention to detail and thoughtful feedback that you provide. I think I can honestly say my daughter has never put more time into a class and has never been more challenged to push herself to do well. I feel she is getting an experience that many kids don't experience until their first semester of college and I appreciate that it is happening now when we are here to encourage her and you are a teacher who is helpful and accessible.

MF | Homeschooling


I just wanted to send you a thank you in the way of a story for all the wonderful time you spent with [my son].


We dual enrolled him this year, and he is in Comp I. He was so nervous because English is his weakest subject. The first day of class the teacher, who has been there for 40 years, warned the class she was going to give them a test and that the average score was 51%. He was terrified. He took the test and returned to class today for the results.


When he got in the car this afternoon, he said, "Well, she was right. The class average was 51% and only two people passed." I asked if he passed. He smiled slyly and said, "Yeah, I got the highest grade in the class. Do they not teach the stuff in public school that Ms. Proctor taught? How do these kids not know about . . . (lists off a litany of literary devices)."


So, a long way around to thank you for truly setting [my son] up for success. You have done an amazing job with both my boys, and I am so thankful we found you!

JK | Homeschooling


I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with this class that you taught this year.  I've always homeschooled [my daughter] and this year I had hoped to accomplish three objectives with this class.  First, the obvious language arts high school credit.  Second, this would give her experience for the first time in using an online classroom.  Third, I wanted to create a bridge for her between mom-as-the-only-teacher-she's-known to next year, when she'll be taking college classes at the community college to finish her last two high school years.  I occasionally checked in with what she was working on, but was completely hands-off so that I could make sure that she would be ready for the demands of college courses next year.  Between her success in this class and two others that she was taking outside of our home, I am confident that she will be ready.  Throughout the year she shared with me your praise and encouraging words and would excitedly read to me what you had written to her.  Your positive teaching methods and knowledge have given her a solid understanding and readiness for college level English.  In fact, she tested into the highest level English class available to high school students at the community college this week.

CF | Homeschooling


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