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Bekah Hilton

Biology Instructor


Bekah Hilton is a big fan of learning “how things work.” She was homeschooled K-to-12 by a mathematician and an engineer, so she learned to always question the “how” and “why” of nature and its processes. She carried that interest into Campbell University’s science department, where she obtained a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, and she held student jobs in various Biology and Chemistry courses.


During her final year at Campbell University, she took a student job in the library and decided to pursue graduate school for Library Sciences--a beautiful combination of technology, education, and community outreach. She has worked in the Wake County Public Libraries--during her two years in graduate school and since earning her MLIS degree in 2019--applying her love of teaching and communication to create fun and educational STEM programs for the school-age youth and teens in her community.


Bekah loves coming alongside others as they strive to learn--especially in the sciences. She is especially passionate about online education and utilizing new technologies to assist in the learning process. As a first-year teacher with Blue Tent Online, Bekah is excited to employ group discussions and the Socratic method to enable her students to achieve academic success in the sciences--in a fun and community-focused way.


Bekah has been married to her best friend Jacob (also homeschooled!) for three years, and together they rescued a precious pupper named Peanut. Bekah loves watching science happen real-time through gardening, baking, and cheesemaking, and she also loves to camp and hike with her little family of three.

Background & Experience

  • BS in Biology, 2016, Campbell University
    • Minor in Chemistry
  • Master in Library Information and Science (MLIS), 2019, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
  • Lab Assistant, Campbell University:

    • Zoology, 2015-16

    • Biology, 2014-15

    • Chemistry, 2013-14

  • Teaching Assistant, Campbell University, 2014-15

  • Tutoring, Campbell University 2014-16


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