Honors Chemistry

The Fine Print

Course Goals

  • To learn the different structure of matter (atomic, molecular, and bonding) and the different states of matter (gases, liquids, solids, solutions)

  • To classify the different common elements—their chemical and physical properties, nomenclature of ions and compounds, and the periodic trends occurring in chemistry

  • To study the relationship that exists in reaction types, such as acids and bases, oxidation-reduction, and precipitation

  • To learn stoichiometry—the mole concept and chemical equations

  • To explain the processes of thermochemistry, including the conservation of energy, calorimetry, specific heat, and enthalpy

  • To learn the intricacies of writing college-level lab reports through a process of drafting and revision.

  • To respond appropriately to feedback, revising and improving course assignments

  • To actively participate in weekly on-line class discussion forums--sharing, comparing, and providing encouragement to peers

Instructor Demo

  • ZOOM Demo: Irene Paine demonstrates a class website, lecture, live dissection, and some of the technology resources that she and students will be using.

Course Resources

Text and Interactive Program:


 Lab Resources and Supplies:

  • General supplies: A list of common supplies that can be bought at your supermarket will be provided.

  • Science supplies: $100 custom lab kit will be purchased through the instructor. Lab kit includes chemicals and some lab equipment.

Technical resources:

We use ZOOM for live meetings. U.S. and international students need:

  • An internet connection

  • A computer with a web-cam

  • Recommended: a headset with a microphone (but your built-in computer audio and microphone will work if necessary)

  • Students will be emailed a link prior to each live class to join the ZOOM session.


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