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Chemistry Students

Honors Chemistry
The Fine Print

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Recognize the International System of Units (SI) and how to convert between units using dimensional analysis.

  • Recognize periodic trends and interpret patterns of elements 

  • Recognize intermolecular forces and bonding

  • Classify and name elements, ions, and compounds

  • Explain different structures of matter as well as different states of matter.

  • Calculate proportions using stoichiometry

  • Recognize relationships between energy and chemical processes

  • Carry out scientific experiments and accurately record and analyze results

  • Master problem solving techniques

  • Recognize the importance of peer study groups and work cooperatively as a member of such a group.

See "How do Biology, Honors Biology, and AP Biology Compare" in our FAQ.

Course Resources

Text and Interactive Program


 Lab Resources and Supplies
  • Required:

    • Carbonless, duplicate-set spiral lab notebook | $14.99 (instructor will provide exact ordering instructions)

    • Custom lab kit | Ordering information will be provided by the instructor | Cost: approximately $124

    • ​Common lab supplies: A list of supplies that can be purchased at your grocery store will be provided.

Technical Resources
  • Required:

    • A reliable internet connection

    • A computer with a web-cam

    • A working microphone

    • A free phone/computer scanning app: Adobe Scan

  • Recommended:

    • Earbuds or a headset with a microphone (a built-in computer microphone will work if needed)

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