Analysing the Numbers

AP Statistics

The Fine Print

Course Goals

The College Board lists the following categories of course skills that students will develop upon completion of AP Statistics: 

  • Students will learn to select statistical methods for collecting and/or analyzing data for statistical inference 

  • Students will be able to use data analysis to describe patterns, trends, associations, and relationships in data

  • Students will explore random phenomena using probability and simulation 

  • Students will develop how to argue or justify a conclusion from evidence using data, definitions and statistical inference


Each unit of the course will connect two or more course skills and big ideas to allow students to make meaningful connections among concepts.  

The course is organized around the following foundational concepts of statistics:

  • 1. Variation and distribution – Students will use graphs and numerical calculations to describe variations and patterns seen among given data. 

  • 2. Patterns and uncertainty – Using probability and reasoning students will recognize patterns in data and project sample data to larger populations. Students will also describe errors found in experiments or surveys and tell how that affects conclusions. 

  • 3. Data-based predictions, decisions and conclusions – Students will use tools to make predictions and describe relationships among data.  These tools can include learning how to conduct a well-designed experiment, creating graphs of data and using statistical inference to draw conclusions. 


  • Students should have successfully completed the high school math sequence: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry


Course Details

  • All problem sessions will be recorded, so students have the option to participate live or watch the recorded videos. 

  • Please see the FAQ for class dates/times/breaks.

Instructor Demo

  • See a ZOOM Demo  where the instructor, Ashley Porter, demonstrates her instructional approach.

    • Please note! The Stats class will be taught slightly differently from Ashley's other two math classes, but this demo should give you a good idea about the teaching platform and Ashley's teaching style.

Course Resources

Textbook and Homework:

  • Practice of Statistics, 4th edition by Daren Starnes, Dan Yates, and David Moore (2012) 

    • Affordable used print copies and eBooks are available: ISBN: 978-1429245593

  • Barron’s AP Statistics, 9th edition ISBN: 978-1438009049

  • For textbook (Practice of Statistics) print options, see Blue Tent OnLoan




Web Resources:

  • STATS4STEM – a free online website where students can find assignments such as homework, quizzes, tests, and exam review

  • Varsity Tutors: 

    • Providing students with free AP Statistics Diagnostic tests that once completed will break down concepts individually for students to assess which topics they might want to spend more time on  

  • LTCC Online: 

    • Free practice problems organized by category, giving students the opportunity to focus on practicing specific topics they need 

Technical resources:

We use ZOOM for live meetings. U.S. and international students need:

  • An internet connection

  • A computer with a web-cam

  • Recommended: a headset with a microphone (but your built-in computer audio and microphone will work if necessary)

  • Students will be emailed a link prior to each live class to join the ZOOM session.


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