Anatomy & Physiology

The Fine Print

Course Goals

  • To study the relationship that exists among the eleven body systems

  • To learn the different characteristics of organs within each body system and their contribution to a state of homeostasis within the body

  • To explain the cellular processes involved in the maintenance of stable internal conditions within organisms

  • To explain the processes and structures involved in the processes of digestion and nutrient absorption and how these processes allow organisms to both acquire energy and maintain homeostasis

  • To review case studies, critically analyze different disease processes and possible treatments, and report your findings in a scientific manner

  • To respond to feedback and revise course assignments

  • To actively participate in on-line class discussion forums, collaborating and providing encouragement to homeschool peers

Instructor Demo

  • ZOOM Demo: Irene Paine demonstrates a class website, live dissection, and some of the technology resources that she and students will be using.

Course Resources

Text and Interactive Program:

  • Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology, 7th Ed., Valerie C. Scanlon; ISBN: 978-0803639577

  • Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book, 4th Ed., Stephanie McCann and Eric Wise; ISBN: 9781419550409

  • See Blue Tent OnLoan

Lab Resources and Supplies:


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