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Senior english literature and writing class online for homeschool

Advanced Senior English

The Fine Print

Course Goals

  • To provide structure and suggestions for students to choose and read engaging, quality fiction and non-fiction in a wide range of genres

  • To offer a venue for weekly student-led discussions of topics of interest and importance

  • To help students hone their writing skillfulness and develop their writer's voice

  • To provide a variety of writing opportunities--both formal and informal--in preparation for college

  • To provide a dedicated timeframe for students to plan, write, and refine their college admissions and scholarship essays

  • To offer seven different types of writing tasks, including literary analysis, rhetorical analysis, argument essay, expository essay, research paper (5-10 pp.), book review, and critique

  • To offer instruction and practice in MLA, APA, and Chicago formatting conventions

  • To include a small creative project of the student's choice related to the final book of the year

  • To help students improve their organization and time-management skills

  • To encourage growth in working vocabulary and refinement of writing syntax and mechanics

Course Resources



Reading (a list of representative examples will  be provided):

  • American or British Novel

  • Biography/Memoir

  • Contemporary Issue

  • Contemporary Novel

  • Psychological or Sociological

  • Pulitzer Prize/National Book Award Winner or Finalist

  • Scientific or Historical

  • World Literature Novel

  • A national newspaper of your choice

  • A national monthly magazine of your choice

No Summer Reading/Writing Assignment for Students Registering after August 1.


Summer Reading & Writing Assignment:

  • Student choice; book review

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