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Probability & Statistics Workshop | Self-Paced

STATISTICS word cloud, business concept.

This online Probability and Statistics class is set up as a self-paced workshop for high school homeschoolers who want to brush up on or extend their math skills.

  • It will introduce or reinforce topics that students will see on standardized tests such as the SAT.

  • It will serve as a refresher for those who would like to review before diving into AP Statistics.


Class Details

  • The pacing for this class will vary. Recommended pacing: 8-12 weeks

    • Students can progress through the workshop at pace they find optimal

    • Available any time and must be completed within 6 months of start

  • Tuition: $175

  • Instructor: Ashley Porter​​

  • Dates: Can be started any time.

  • Optional Live Study Hall: Thursday 6-9 p.m.

    • The instructor will be readily available to answer questions via email, regularly scheduled office hours, or occasional one-on-one Zoom meetings.

  • Grade level: Varies (recommended: successfully completed Algebra 1 and Geometry or Integrated Math 2)

    • For age/grade guidelines, prerequisites, and class-fit recommendations for all classes, please see our FAQ page.

  • Course materials: All instructional resources will be provided online by the instructor.

  • Format: Primarily or exclusively online in a Moodle classroom. Zoom optional.

The Course Foundation

The course is structured to encourage weekly learning and practice, but students are free to watch the instructional videos and complete the lessons and assignments at any pace.​

  • Students will work in an online classroom, where they will access videos, guided notes and handouts, assignments and quizzes.

    • There are no live classes in this self-paced class, but students will interact with the instructor if they have questions and as she grades assignments and offers feedback. There is an optional weekly live study hall.

  • A typical week will include a variety of elements:

    • Short instructional videos

    • Practice assignments

    • Automatically graded checkpoint quizzes to measure mastery of concepts.​​

  • Students should expect to spend 2-4 hours per week (which includes the instructional videos) if they wish to complete the workshop in an 8-12 week timeframe.

This workshop will cover topics in graphical displays of data, sampling, probability and analyzing graphical displays of data.​ Topics include:

  • Introduction to Simple Probability (using dice, cards, marbles, coins)

  • Exploring Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability

  • Calculating Compound Probabilities

  • Drawing and Analyzing Tree Diagrams

  • Analyzing Measures of Center in a Data Set (mean, median, mode)

  • Analyzing Measure of Spread in a Data Set (range, IQR, standard deviation, variance)

  • Analyzing Statistical Charts/Graphs for Univariate Data (frequency tables, stemplots, dotplots, boxplots, histograms)

  • Analyzing Statistical Charts/Graphs for Bivariate Data (two-way tables & scatterplots)

  • Identifying the Sample and Population from a Statistical Study

  • Distinguishing Between Biased and Unbiased Samples to Draw Conclusions

Learn | Brush Up | Reinforce!

With the aid of teacher-created videos, a variety of interactive resources, and real-time access to the instructor for questions, this short workshop will help students master the more challenging topics of probability and data analysis that are essential to success on the SAT and AP Statistics.

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