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The Fine Print

Course Goals​

  • Describe characteristics and properties of complex functions both graphically and algebraically 

  • Recognize and evaluate the behavior of trigonometric functions using the unit circle 

  • Learn and manipulate trigonometric identities to solve complex equations

  • Understand the relationship between linear equations and matrices in order to solve systems of linear equations

  • Explore topics of analytical geometry graphically 

  • Use standard equations to graphically represent the 4 types of conic sections

  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate limits of sequences, series and functions 

The courses will cover the following topics:

  • Characteristics of complex functions such as domain/range, increasing/decreasing, minimums/maximums and asymptotes

  • Factoring polynomials using synthetic division

  • Properties of complex numbers

  • Modeling logarithmic and exponential functions to study topics such as earthquake magnitudes, compound interest and population growth

  • Trigonometry topics such as trigonometric functions, the Unit Circle, right angles, and trigonometric identities to study topics such as linear speed and harmonic motion

  • Properties of vectors such as finding the dot product, cross product and triple scalar product

  • Solving systems of linear equations algebraically and by use of matrices to study topics such as cryptography

  • Proofs by mathematical induction

  • Introduction to probability including use of the Binomial Theorem, Pascal’s triangle and permutations

  • Exploration of conic sections including circles, parabolas, ellipses, and hyperbolas,

  • Graphing and exploring properties of parametric and polar equations

  • An introduction to Calculus through the evaluation of limits  

Course Resources

Text & Interactive Program

Other Resources
  • | a free online graphing calculator program 

  • GeoGebra | a free application for students to visualize characteristics of functions

  • Zoom | a free teleconferencing application


  • Required: A graphing calculator

Technical Resources
  • Required:

    • A reliable internet connection

    • A computer with a web-cam

    • A working microphone

    • A free phone/computer scanning app (such as CamScanner and Adobe Scan)

  • Recommended:

    • Earbuds or a headset with a microphone (a built-in computer microphone will work if needed)

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