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Blue Tent Instructors

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Emily Hinman

AP Precalculus, AP Psychology


Emily Hinman brings nearly 20 years of international experience in education to Blue Tent. After graduating from Cleveland State University with an MA in Clinical Counseling Psychology and a School Psychologist license, she and her husband moved to Tbilisi, Georgia, where she taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, and AP Calculus.


Moving then to Vilnius, Lithuania, she taught AP Psychology and worked as a Guidance Counselor at the American International School of Vilnius.  Along this journey, she obtained teaching certification in Special Education and Mathematics from the University of Missouri and a Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Learning from Johns Hopkins University.

In Skopje, Northern Macedonia, she began teaching online, and she has worked online with students from all over the world over the last seven years, teaching Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, AP Statistics, and AP Psychology.


Currently, Emily lives on a small farm in Ispank, Hungary, with her husband, four children, four dogs, five chickens, and two rabbits. Her children all attend a local Hungarian school, learning Hungarian as a native language. Emily and her husband take full responsibility for teaching them to read and write in English as well as to become productive members of the household. The Hinman family loves reading, cooking, hiking, gardening, and running together. 

Emily understands the importance of technology in our lives. She believes that to work effectively with young learners, she needs to incorporate new educational resources that capture their attention. At the same time, she has a deep desire to maintain strong personal relationships in her classes. Her goal is for students to feel they are working with a caring person who can be trusted to help them learn from both their successes and failures. 

Background & Experience

  • BA, Psychology, 2001

  • MA, Clinical Counseling Psychology, 2003

  • Psy.S, School Psychologist Specialty Degree, 2004

    • Cleveland State University

  • Certification in Special Education and Mathematics, (7 – 12), 2008,

    • University of Missouri

  • Trained at IB Level 1 HL Mathematics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, and AP Psychology

  • Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Learning

    • Johns Hopkins University

  • Instructor, multi-age classrooms in Tbilisi, Georgia, Vilnius, Lithuania, and Skopje, Northern Macedonia (11 years)

  • Instructor, Algebra 1, Algebra 2,  Precalculus, AP Statistics, and AP Psychology

    • QVS: Quality Schools International Online High School (8 years)

  • Blue Tent Instructor (2024-25)

  • College Board-authorized instructor:

    • AP Psychology

    • AP Precalculus

    • AP Statistics

    • AP Calculus

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