Blue Tent Instructors

Brigid Thompson

Director, Blue Tent Online


Brigid founded Blue Tent Online in 2010 after teaching English classes face-to-face for many years. Living on a horse farm just south of Raleigh, the Thompson family was fortunate to be a part of a vibrant homeschooling community, and the range of classes Brigid taught grew right along with her own homeschooling needs. She home-educated her own two sons from kindergarten through 12th grade, and her live local classes spanned from middle school English through AP Lit, AP Lang, and Senior English.


From the first online class of 10 AP Lit students in 2010 to her final year of teaching in 2020-21, Brigid has been fortunate and grateful to have met and become friends with so many students and parents across the country. Her experiences outsourcing some of her own kids' high school classes provided the foundation for Blue Tent goals--to deliver high-quality instruction in classes where teachers get to know their students and "meet those learners where they are" in their homeschooling journey.

Brigid has been both an English instructor and the director of Blue Tent from day one, and in 2021-22 her focus will narrow as she transitions full-time to Blue Tent administration. But that doesn't mean she won't still be "in the classroom." She'll be training and encouraging the Blue Tent team of teachers, and she'll be welcoming and supporting students and parents as they register and enroll in classes, and navigate the Blue Tent online platform.

Background & Experience

  • BA, English, 1978, University of Virginia
  • MBA, 1982, University of Virginia
  • K through 12th Home Educator
  • Director, Blue Tent Online (2010-21)

  • Instructor, Blue Tent Online (2010-21)

  • College Board-authorized online AP instructor:

    • Authorized syllabi for both AP English Language & Comp and AP English Literature & Comp

  • College Board training:

  • Middle and high school English classes taught to homeschoolers 2005-2021

  • AP English classes taught to homeschoolers 2007-2021


Feedback & Reviews

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