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AP english class online for homeschool

AP English Language
The Fine Print

Course Goals

  • To focus on three modes of essay writing: synthesis, argument, and rhetorical analysis

  • To engage in formal and informal writing to practice and develop your writer's voice

  • To craft compositions that introduce a complex central idea, develop it with sufficient and appropriate evidence drawn from personal knowledge and experience, and utilize secondary sources

  • To identify and communicates a writer's target and purpose in an active, arguable manner, offering evidence of rhetorical tools and strategies

  • To successfully synthesize sources, while ensuring your voice stays in the lead as you develop an interweaving of experts and evidence

  • To correctly and consistently apply MLA 9th edition conventions, including page-formatting, parenthetical citation, and works cited constructions

  • To move beyond competent in essay construction, with compelling and original openings, succinct, arguable thesis statements and topic sentences, and robust, well-supported body paragraphs

  • To collaborate in pre-writing argument development

  • To revise and improve all essays following detailed writing feedback provided by the instructor

  • To develop and refine vocabulary, syntax, and mechanics

Course Resources

Core Materials:


Reading (any edition):

Other Resources


No summer reading/writing assignment

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