Algebra 2 - 2020-21

Algebra 2 can be taken live (synchronously) or as a recorded class (asynchronously). We will meet live twice a week for a one-hour lesson on Mondays and a one-hour problem-solving session on Fridays.

  • Classes will be held from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday and Friday.

  • All live sessions will be recorded, so if students wish to take the entire class or any part of the class asynchronously, it is an option available.

  • Weekly office hours will be available and welcome by appointment in order to keep the instruction and problem-solving sessions to the allotted time.

  • And for students in California, this course is a-g approved if taken through one of several CA homeschool charters listed on our FAQ page.


Foundational Elements

From my own learning experience, I believe math is a challenging subject to simply read about and understand. Seeing problems solved and asking questions plays an important role in the learning process. This is where live instruction and Friday problem sessions will be the most valuable.

  • On Fridays, we will work our way through problems similar to those found in the current week's assignment.

  • While questions will be welcome on both Mondays and Fridays, our Friday sessions are designed to be much more interactive, with plenty of time for students to ask and answer questions.


At the beginning of every week, I will post a summary of the concepts covered in that week in the Moodle classroom along with links to helpful material and videos related to the current topics. Students will find both instructional resources and their weekly assignments in their online classroom. Problem set assignments will be designed to help students practice until they've mastered the material. Quizzes will then follow to evaluate their progress. This course has an expected time commitment of 6-8 hours per week..


An Interactive Approach

The textbook we will be using is the 5th edition of Intermediate Algebra, by Ron Larson. This is an excellent Algebra 2 textbook with clear, focused examples and explanations, mid-chapter quizzes, and end-of-chapter reviews.


Students will have access to a free hard copy of the class textbook through Blue Tent OnLoan, and they will access a complete eBook through WebAssign. The eBook will have embedded videos and supplementary examples linked throughout it. Homework assignments will be completed through the Moodle classroom as well as through the WebAssign online program.

  • If students get stuck on a problem, WebAssign  will link them directly to the corresponding section of the eBook where concepts can be revisited to help solve the problem. There will also be the option to watch a video related to the topic, compare notes with classmates, and contact the instructor.

  • Additional problems will be available if extra practice is needed or desired until students feel they have mastered a topic.

  • Additional interactive applications such as GeoGebra will help students visualize the concepts taught, and a graphing calculator app will be used to teach students the various functions and techniques they'll need to become proficient at efficiently solving equations.


Supplementary Learning

In addition to the foundational textbook and online application resources planned for this class, SAT and SAT Subject Test (SAT 2) instruction will be interwoven into the year to familiarize students with standardized test content and test-taking strategies. Supplementary concepts, such as data analysis, probability, and statistics, will be taught and practiced. These concepts--which have not traditionally been a focus in Algebra 2--will be important since they are making their way into the most recent versions of standardized tests.


Collaborate to Learn and Enjoy!

Students will be interacting with their classmates during the live sessions as well as through a lively online forum provided through our Moodle classroom. Questions can be posted about the lecture, textbook sections, or homework, along with answers other students’ questions or posted solutions to problems. I will be available on the class forums as well, and I'll make sure we work through the most interesting and challenging problems in the Friday problem sessions.

Through live or recorded instruction, a wealth of interactive resources, a friendly online classroom, and an attentive and accessible instructor, this course is designed to help students successfully learn and enjoy Algebra 2!


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