Algebra 1 - 2020-21

As students move from their Pre-Algebra base and dive deeper into the mathematical concepts in this Algebra 1 course, they will strengthen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and they'll set themselves up for success in math and science coursework to come. 


Algebra 1 is offered as a regular course with an honors option. It can be taken synchronously (live), asynchronously (recorded), or a combination of the two.

  • The class will meet live twice a week for a one-hour lesson and a one-hour problem-solving session.

  • ​Multiple days and times will be offered for our live sessions (and those times are coming for 2020-21!)

  • Class sections are intentionally small so there is time for each student to participate in live class sessions.

  • All live instructional meetings will be recorded.

  • The instructor will be readily available for assistance with questions each week, whether in frequently offered office hours, emailed questions, or one-on-one Zoom meetings to address specific needs.

  • For students in California: this course is a-g approved by some charters. For more information, see our FAQ page.


Foundational Elements

A typical week will open on Saturday morning and close the following Sunday. There will be a weekly instructional message available in the Moodle classroom that contains a summary of the concepts covered during the week along with links to relevant videos and resources

  • Assignments will be completed and submitted online. Some work will be completed directly on the website and some will be uploaded as a cellphone shot or scanned file.

  • Students will be offered multiple attempts to complete assignments, allowing them to correct problems they get wrong and work toward mastery.

  • Some assignments will be designed to offer automatic feedback so that students can proceed through parts of their work at a pace that is optimal for them--and not wait if they are clearly ready to move on.


An Interactive Approach

We will be using Glenoe's 2018 Algebra 1 text, which offers clear, uncluttered examples and explanations, and covers the most recent topics and concepts that students will be seeing on SAT and ACT tests.  

  • Families will have the option to purchase an ebook and/or borrow a hard copy of the textbook through the Blue Tent OnLoan program. We like eBooks since they have embedded videos, offering additional explanations and examples.  

  • Students will post or upload homework assignments directly on the class website. 

  • SAT/ACT test prep will be a regular part of weekly classwork.

  • Students should expect to spend 5-7 hours per week on classwork and quizzes.

  • Students who opt for the Honors option will be provided with supplementary instruction and assignments and should plan to spend an additional 1-2 hours per week on the material.


Honors Option

Students who opt for Honors credit may be in the same section as students in the regular course; however, they will dive deeper into the topics covered and will be presented with supplementary topics and materials. This supplementary instruction will be delivered by live Zoom meetings, recorded videos, and critical thinking assignments--all designed for greater enrichment.

Collaborate to Learn and Enjoy!

Algebra 1 students will interact with their classmates during live Zoom sessions as well as in lively online forums provided in their Moodle classroom. They can post questions about assignments, answer other students’ questions, and share and discuss solutions to problems. In addition to teaching during the live weekly meetings, the instructor will be checking in on the class forums regularly to ask and answer questions.


Through live instruction, a variety of interactive resources, and a friendly online classroom, this course is designed to help students efficiently and successfully learn and enjoy Algebra 1!


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