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Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Precalc, AP Calc AB and BC, and AP Stats

A Full Range of High School Math

Our sequence of math classes--from Algebra 1 to Calculus BC--offers students live, twice-weekly instruction, interactive and text-based resources, and instructors who are readily available to answer questions throughout each week. This live interaction and timely support provides students with choices and options to meet their individual needs and learning styles.

Biology, Honors Biology

Honors Chem, Anatomy & Physiology

A Solid Science Foundation

Biology, Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry are our foundational year-long science classes--and our two honors classes offer a pre-AP and SAT subject test grounding for those intending to take that next step. Anatomy & Physiology offers students an advanced class in the biological sciences--and all four classes include both hands-on and interactive virtual labs.

Intro, Honors 1 and 2, AP EnglishCreative Writing & Advanced Senior English

Strengthening and Refining

From Intro to Lit to AP Literature and AP Language, our full-year English classes are designed for advanced students who love to read and who wish to strengthen their writing skills. One-semester creative writing classes provide a venue for young novelists, and our year-long English class for seniors helps students prepare for college-level reading and writing.

Learn Online with Blue Tent

In our math, science, and English classes, students can expect attentive instructors as well as active, enjoyable collaboration with classmates from around the corner and across the globe.


             Partnering with Families
Blue Tent classes are designed for middle school and high school students who love to learn. Students interact meaningfully and regularly with their peers as they explore, share, and compare each week. And our instructors are excited to be teaching classes full of enthusiastic, multi-talented individuals who never cease to impress and inspire us.


Bringing relevant educational degrees, professional backgrounds, and instructional experience to our classes, we partner with students and parents who are seeking robust and engaging classes. And at Blue Tent, you can be assured that we understand homeschoolers—because we've traveled the entire journey with our own families.

            A Synchronous and Asynchronous Approach
Most of our English and science classes are offered in an asynchronous (text-based) format, allowing time zones and fixed meeting times to disappear--and giving students the flexibility to weave weekly assignments and class discussions into their own academic schedules and extracurricular activities. But when it comes to full-year math classes, chemistry, and our 15-week creative writing classes, we believe synchronous--live on Zoom--meet-ups are needed and most helpful. And all live classes are recorded, giving students maximum scheduling flexibility.


Whether they participate in a synchronous or asynchronous manner, students work closely with their peers and teachers, and they get to know each other well. Blue Tent students come and go daily in their Moodle classrooms--where instruction, resources, assignments, and feedback are served up and where class conversations are active and on-going. Our text-based discussion format is a familiar interactive approach for today's students. 


Moodle Classrooms


We use Moodle  for our online classrooms and Zoom for live/ recorded instruction.  


Students log in to their classes at a

password-protected online portal. and parents and mentors have their own separate passwords to view their student's gradebook.



Our math and English classes are a-g approved through some California charters. See our FAQ to learn more.



Blue Tent OnLoan

We offer a free textbook loan program for our math and science classes!

We like math and science ebooks for their linked supplements. With our free textbook loan program, students don't have to choose between digital and print!

Moodle LMS for online classes
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We Understand Homeschoolers.

Because We've Traveled the K-to-College Journey.

BTO Instructors


Blue Tent Online instructors have backgrounds and experience in the subjects they teach. Learn more about us. We've traveled the the entire home education path, so we understand the needs and challenges of today's home-schooling students and families.

What Others Are Saying About BTO

Outsourcing instruction involves considerable trust and resources. We would love to share some of the feedback we've received over the years from students and parents.

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We are a College Board-approved online provider. Visit our FAQ to learn about our AP exam results (over 80% of our students earn 4's and 5's each year). And check out  resources we've pulled together to help you navigate AP exams and college credit.

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