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Math Tutoring -  Summer 2020

Image by Antoine Dautry

Blue Tent tutors are math instructors with experience teaching and tutoring online. They're passionate about helping students succeed in math.


Summer tutoring sessions offer flexible options for parents and students. Tutors can assist with a current class or help finish off the year. Summer tutoring can also help students refresh and prepare for the coming school year. Sessions are 100% virtual, with all meetings taking place via ZOOM.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Date range available: June 1 - August 1

  • Day/Time options: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 12-4 p.m. Eastern

  • Cost: $40/hour

  • Frequency options: 1x/week, 2x/week, or 2x/month

    • 1 hour or 1-1/2 hour sessions

    • Minimum: 3-hour package

  • Tutoring live via Zoom

  • Summer tutors:

    • Algebra 1 & 2: Lindsey Thompson

    • Geometry & Precalculus: Ashley Porter

Tailored to Your Needs

Students who are taking summer classes can either come to each session with questions about what they are learning, or their tutor can prepare material based on where they are in their curriculum. There is also the option of combining the two.

  • A brief conversation begins the process to assess needs.

  • Students can then send the tutor a brief email prior to each session noting what they would like to work on, and the tutor will take it from there!

  • Because preparation is often needed, tutors request at least a 24-hour heads-up to plan for a session.


Students who are not taking summer math classes, but would just like to stay on top of their math skills, can provide a bit of information about their objectives and/or take an assessment to help their tutor create a customized plan for them.


Contact us with your questions or to get started.

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