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Math Tutoring | 2023-34

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Looking for online math tutoring? Some Blue Tent math instructors offer their own separate tutoring services. They're passionate about helping students succeed in math--whether it's during the school year at Blue Tent or in between classes with private, one-on-one help.


Tutoring can help students refresh, fill in gaps, or prepare for the next course. All online meet ups take place on ZOOM.

The Nuts and Bolts


Tailored to Your Needs

Students can come to each session for on-the-spot help or their tutor can prepare ahead of time to guide them in their curriculum or areas of focus.

Those who would like to review or reinforce can provide a bit of information about their objectives and/or take an assessment to help their tutor create a customized plan for them.

  • A brief conversation begins the process to assess needs.

  • Parents and students can describe what they would like to work on, and the tutor will take it from there!

  • Because preparation is often needed, tutors request at least a 24-hour heads-up to plan for a session.

Interested in Tutoring? Have Questions?

Contact Ashley Porter at Zooming through Math with your questions or to get started.

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