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Brigid Thompson

AP English Language & Comp and Advanced Senior English

Director of Blue Tent Online


Brigid has been teaching classes full of bright, enthusiastic, and multi-talented homeschoolers for many years. Living on a horse farm just south of Raleigh, the Thompson family was fortunate to be a part of a vibrant local homeschooling community--homeschooling from kindergarten through 12th grade. Her two sons are now working in the aerospace and bioengineering fields.

Applying her background in English, Brigid enjoys fostering a love of literature and skillful communication. She taught literature and writing classes in co-ops throughout her own kids' middle school years and then taught honors and AP English classes—both locally and online—during their high school years and beyond. She helped launch a homeschool national honor society chapter in 2003 and served for 10 years as one of the adult leaders in the group--stewarding the chapter's growth from 11 to a membership of 73 when she "retired" from chapter leadership in 2013.


Brigid has had considerable experience working with advanced students over the years. In the pre-high school years, teaching in a manner that encourages and reinforces a love of reading is of utmost importance. In 11th and 12th grades, she believes that a full-year AP course framework sets up students for success in college analysis and writing (and her former students write back that this is the case). Teaching to the test has never been a singular goal in Brigid's classes. Rather, a solid foundation--with an appropriate amount of well-timed test prep--leads to success on the AP exam and beyond. Key components of all her classes--from 8th to 12th--are that they are large enough for students to enjoy active interaction with grade-level classmates, yet small enough that she can offer regular and detailed writing feedback based on what each student needs most at any given time.  

Talented middle school and high school students are invariably involved in lots of interesting academic and extra-curricular activities, and Brigid welcomes notes from students and parents that share highlights of their endeavors and successes during the school year--and after they've moved on. While her AP and Advanced Senior English classes are designed to help prepare students for "the next step" in analysis, writing, and rigor, most of all she wants students to enjoy their year of reading and writing with their classmates!

Background & Experience

  • B.A., English, 1978; MBA, 1982, University of Virginia
  • K through 12th home educator
  • Director, Blue Tent Online (2010-21)

  • College Board-authorized online AP instructor:

    • Authorized syllabi for both AP English Language & Comp and AP English Literature & Comp

  • College Board training:

  • Middle and high school English classes taught to homeschoolers 2005-2021

  • AP English classes taught to homeschoolers 2007-2021


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