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Anna Harvey

Introduction to Literature & Composition


Anna Harvey is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner. She enjoys the art of being challenged intellectually and discovering new aspects of how the world works.


Anna is a Tarheel, born and raised. Originally from North Carolina, she grew up with six siblings, a love of reading, and a passion for being outdoors. As the daughter of a British mom, she’s also developed a love of travel and a desire to view life through a global lens. Anna’s husband, Whit (a former K through 12th homeschooler along with his three brothers), is a doctor in the U.S. Navy who is stationed in San Diego, California. Anna and Whit made the long cross-country trek west and have been thoroughly enjoying their time on the Pacific coast.


Anna has taught in the classroom for five years in both the private and public sectors. She has sought opportunities to tutor students independently and has a passion for her students and for education. She feels she has learned the most about how people work and how the world works during her time as a teacher. One thing she's found the most exciting is teaching to a diverse student population. Students are unique in their learning styles, their ability to read and interpret texts, and the ways in which they engage in and experience materials. In an English course, we are able to grow and learn from each other in a way that we wouldn’t if we were simply reading the texts independently. We’re better together! Anna is particularly excited to see how the discussion of course materials challenge our views and help us grow as individuals and as learners.


When Anna is not teaching, she loves to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer with her husband and daughter. She loves spending the afternoon at the beach, walking through the zoo, hiking the cliffs along the coast, and running the family yellow lab at the dog park.

Background & Experience

  • BA in Middle Grades Education, 2013, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    • Primary focus in English

  • Blue Tent Online Instructor (2019-20)

    • Introduction to Lit & Comp

  • Middle School English Instructor (2013-18)

    • Lucas Middle School, Durham, NC (2013-14)

    • CE Williams Middle School, Charleston, SC (2014-15)

    • Christ Our King School, Charleston, SC (2015-18) 

  • Private English Tutor, Specialized Learning, CA (2018-20)

  • IEW trained



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