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Registration (Only two spring classes)

Two Steps to Register

1. Submit this 2020-21 REGISTRATION FORM

2. Submit a $50 REGISTRATION FEE

After Registering

  • Please wait for a confirming welcome email from the Director of Blue Tent.

  • After receiving that email, please plan to pay tuition (below) by PayPal, mailed check, or P.O. (CA Charters).

IMPORTANT! | Wait Lists

For a full/wait listed class, please DO NOT submit a registration fee. DO NOT submit tuition. We incur PayPal fees that are not recouped when refunds are issued. So please don't pay us in advance for a class that your student may not be able to take. Just submit a REGISTRATION FORM ONLY. You will receive a prompt email letting you know you are on the wait list. The registration fee and tuition can be paid once a seat opens up.



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