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Biology, Chemistry & Anatomy

I wasn’t sure that an online biology class would be the best fit for my son given experiences we’ve had with other online classes. I’m very happy I got past that hesitation though, because it’s been an engaging, rigorous course. Mrs. Irene is extremely organized and provides excellent feedback on assignments. She maintains high expectations for her students, but she does it in a way that's fair. Not only has she taught my son biology, she's helped him learn to manage his time and to pay attention to detail. It's been a great choice for our family

FE - Honors Bio

Homeschooling Mom

I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me so much biology last year! I took the SAT subject test in biology after taking your class, and I just got my score back--I got an 800! I can't wait to start anatomy!

CC - Honors Bio

Homeschooled Student

Highest Praise for Mrs. Paine’s Honors Biology and Honors Chemistry classes and BTO.


My daughter completed Honors Biology with Mrs. Paine last year and enjoyed it so much that we didn’t hesitate to continue with Mrs. Paine in her Honors Chemistry class this year. After over a year and a half with Mrs. Paine, I can honestly say that we couldn’t have made a better choice for high school science classes.


Mrs. Paine has chosen rigorous and thorough curricula for both classes and delivers it all in a clear, organized, and comprehensive manner. Live classes, an excellent textbook, videos, labs, and interactive study tools help her students integrate and master the material in a variety of ways. The assignments are challenging but not overwhelming, and the format of the class is easy to follow and keep up with. My daughter always knows what her assignments are, when they are completed, and what is left to do. In addition to learning biology and chemistry, by participating in Mrs. Paine’s (and other BTO) classes, my daughter has learned to become an independent and organized student capable of creating and keeping up with her own schedule. If my daughter (or I) have any questions, Mrs. Paine is just an email away. She responds quickly and is extremely generous with her time via email or an additional online session on the occasions when my daughter has needed some clarification on a difficult topic.


Admittedly, I had some concerns about online science classes including having to do at-home labs and my daughter feeling isolated, however, neither has been an issue with Mrs. Paine’s classes. Virtual labs augment the real thing and having the opportunity to purchase a kit has made the at-home labs simple and fun. Also, rather than feeling isolated, my daughter has found a community where students encourage, challenge and support each other in forums and meet online in weekly or bi-weekly classes. My daughter regularly tells me how much she enjoys Mrs. Paine’s live classes, how much she learns from them, and how connected she feels to the other students.


Mrs. Paine has high standards and expectations for her students and helps them achieve their goals with professionalism and compassion. Completing weekly assignments, labs and tests thoroughly and on time are skills I wanted my daughter to learn and practice. While I’m pleased that Mrs. Paine’s students are held to these standards, I also appreciate the grace and flexibility that Mrs. Paine has shown my daughter when her very full schedule overflows and she needs a little extra time for a particular assignment. This kind of rigor, tempered with kindness and flexibility is one of the reasons we homeschool, and it’s nice to have the support of likeminded educators like Mrs. Paine and BTO.If you are looking for a challenging, comprehensive, high- quality science class with a knowledgeable and caring teacher, don’t hesitate to try Mrs. Paine’s classes.

LJ - Honors Bio & Honors Chem

Homeschooling parent

My daughter is currently taking Mrs. Paine’s Honors Biology class. I was hesitant about an online science course but I’m very glad we did it. Mrs. Paine gives clear, step by step, instructions, and my daughter has had a successful online classroom experience.


Mrs Paine has high, clearly-stated, standards that she helps the students achieve. Near the beginning of the course she requested a phone conference with us regarding my daughter’s scores. She had identified specific areas where my daughter could improve her grade, and she encouraged her to do so. 


She models kindness and respect towards my daughter and our family while insisting on integrity and respect in return. For example, last semester Mrs. Paine extended a deadline for my daughter when she had the flu, then she followed up with an email asking about her health. She has also made accommodations for family events.


Mrs. Paine has earned our respect with her professionalism, her well organized class, her high standards, and her commitment to bringing out the best in her students. I highly recommend her class.

SF - Honors Bio

Homeschooling Parent

Blue Tent’s Honors Biology class by Mrs. Paine has been an amazing class to participate in. The format of the class has been very easy to follow, yet I am constantly challenged each week from the curriculum. The curriculum balances the difficulty of each assignment to create a tough yet achievable goal at the end of the week and is able to supply and help maintain all the knowledge you need to know for an honors biology class.


With this set-up, I always feel prepared for the weekly tests. The weekly discussion forum is a lot of fun to take part in, as a lot of ethical, curious, and investigative discussions arise. It’s very easy to communicate with fellow classmates as well as Mrs. Paine in this course. Mrs. Paine sets up a very organized class with lots of chances to make up work with extra credit, and to top it all off, is very helpful and warm to any questions you may have.


Though this is certainly a very rigorous course, it has been a great fit for me and I’m sure for many others as well.

HH - Honors Bio

Homeschooled Student

Our 8th grade science-loving son is currently completing Mrs. Irene’s biology honor’s class. Both class and teacher were a perfect fit for him. Mrs. Irene’s rigorous curriculum has not only increased his knowledge in biology by leaps and bounds but her high, yet fair, expectations have also made of him a much more detail-oriented student. We couldn’t have been happier with the quality of Mrs. Irene’s class as well as with the encouragement and support she has provided to our son over the past year. He is planning and looking forward to taking Mrs. Irene’s other classes in the coming years.

LG - Honors Bio

Homeschooing Mom

I have been in Mrs. Irene's Honor’s Biology class for the past year and I really enjoy her guidance. In this past year, I have learned how to write well-written lab reports using MLA formatting, how to properly cite works for papers, and how to lead a discussion. While this course has been demanding, I love that Mrs. Irene is always willing to help with any problems I encounter throughout the course. She gives us outside resources such as videos on YouTube and TED Talks instead of just following the material in the textbook. I feel like she wants to help us learn more and have good grades. This course has made me ten times more interested in biology and I would definitely recommend her as an amazing teacher.

EK - Honors Bio

Homeschooled Student

It was a wonderful experience for my son to be in the Honors Biology class. Irene Paine is a great science teacher who is patient, organized, detailed, and responsive! My son has learned so much. His time management has improved tremendously throughout this course due to the training of turning in the assignments on time each week. He has fallen in love with biology now and wishes to have one more year of biology class under Irene’s instruction.

JK - Honors Bio

Homeschooling Mom

Honors Biology with Mrs. Irene was awesome! I learned how to write a lab report, how to manage the weekly assignments, and how to dissect specimens. And, of course, I learned all about biology. Mrs. Irene was always prompt with replies to questions, and her answers were helpful.